Noteworthy Sound: Hoy Polloy


The Hoy Polloy Band Photo

With a name that literally translates to “the masses” Hoy Polloy’s desire to truly reach all kinds of people seems to be the easiest way to describe the group’s core identity. As a group that infuses rock, hip hop and soul, they have fine-tuned the science of making sure every performance is different from the last making it difficult to possibly ever get bored with the group’s sound. In a recent Q&A with Worthy Magazine, The group’s lead singer  K SOS discussed the group’s latest upcoming album and the signature sound. 

I know the group is passionate about a well-rounded performance. How would you describe the standard Hoy Polloy performance?

First off, every Hoy Polloy show is different. We have never repeated a setlist in over 200 shows, and if you don’t believe us, each show is logged on our website so that people can go back and see what songs they heard the night they saw us. When we open for a more genre-specific artist we curtail our set to be more in the genre that particular artist performs in, however when we are booked to do shows on our own we do a cross between Rock and Hip Hop with sprinkles of Jazz, Dance, and other musical tones. Before you know it, you may even be lost in a 7-minute cover of Van Morrison’s “Madame George.”


What is the group dynamic like? What do you love about being in a group? What is the hardest part?

A band is like a relationship without the sexual component. Everyone brings a unique personality to the table. Some personalities are loud; some are quiet. Some are pushy, while some are submissive. Too much of any can tip the scales of balance either way. Like a relationship, it’s something you always got to work at to make sure you and your bandmates are on the same page. It is amazing what you can create on your own, but it is even more amazing when individuals come together and make something collectively. The chemistry between players is so important, and sometimes a bandmate is right for a certain era, but you all grow apart overtime on ideas of sound and vision, and that is ok too. This band has had 11 members, with only Francisco Padilla, the bands talented and humble keys player carrying the dream with frontman, K Sos, the whole way. Most of all, understanding your brand is a living organism is essential to succeeding and keeping the music at the forefront of what’s important is vital to evolving and staying engaged in what you are doing.


What are some of the greatest obstacles that you have had to overcome either personally or professionally?

Personally, is another conversation, although I will say what you go through in your personal life does shape the music you make it so many ways. I have dealt with a lot of loss, personal changes, and heartbreak, and it surely presents itself in the music in different ways. Professionally you have to acknowledge at the end of it all you’re selling a product, sometimes you get to play for 1,000 people, and sometimes it seems like you’re playing to a wall. It is the tough moments where you have to keep your vision clear and persevere to the next gig, and the next opportunity to share what you do. That is why loving what you do is especially important in the arts. There is a lot more let down than moments of success, but if you can internalize the hardships and move through them then the success become much sweeter, and you can share them with the people that helped get you there which is the best part of all.


What details can you share about Valkyrie? What can your listeners expect?  Do you already have a favorite song from the album why or why not?

Valkyrie is our latest hip hop effort due out this fall with awesome collaborations from Jadakiss, AZ, Les Nubians, Scotty ATL, as well as a slew of amazing local talent, some of which we have worked with for years. The awesome thing about making an album is a favorite doesn’t always appear early; sometimes the track that moves you the most comes alive towards the end. There are also a lot of different moods on this album, so once again depending on how your feeling you may want to listen to different songs. It’s an exciting record, one that I hope people will take the time to explore all the way through.

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