Noteworthy Designer Haus of Rimmy


Making Fashion History: Haus of Rimmy 

Imagine a variety of historical moments you have experienced throughout your life– classical movies, musical influences, jewelry trends, photographic memories, and most importantly, your national roots. These inspirations are what designer Ramin Jaswal has incorporated into her Spring/Summer 16 collection for brand Haus of Rimmy.


As a Vancouver native, Jaswal always had a creative eye for designing at a very young age. She discovered that she had a keen passion and connection with clothing when she started experimenting with fabric scraps and transforming them into something special for both her and her Barbie doll. After paying close attention to trends she recognized on the television, she would renovate her own wardrobe by cutting them in new places to make them unique.


Jaswal’s most recent collection is a reflection of elegance with a twist. The pieces offer an assortment of linen white colors and playful options featuring a mix of tops, skirts, and dresses. The statement-makers freshen up this season with feminine details including lace, tulle, stretch fabric and quilted materials.


Every individual piece exemplifies historical moments in her life. Characteristics of the line take her back to her childhood when she used to cut out her own clothing. Silhouettes from the collection feature high slits, open backs and cut outs portraying her youth. The color pallet reminds us of the warm Vancouver summers she still craves. Jaswal says that, “suddenly things, ideas, and patterns, just start coming to me,” perhaps, they are envisions her past.


Encouraging women to radiate confidence, Haus of Rimmy’s newest collection provides women with the looks they want and crave.


The latest collection can be viewed on Haus of Rimmy’s website:




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