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SAV, a new Atlanta hip-hop artist, who released his debut mixtape, DROP DEAD, on August 8th 2012.

The originality of his lyrics is punctuated by intelligently interlacedhistorical references to pieces including Harlem Renaissance poet, LangstonHughes’ “A Dream Deferred”, which SAV refers to in his song “Cats and Hounds.” Similar to poetry, SAV’s music alludes to a bigger picture than the words actually represent.

“He’s a wordsmith with the ability to accurately capture the emotion of an instrumental at a level of lyrical prowess that few can exhibit,” said The GM, who produced SAV’s track“Up in the Sky.”

The up-and-coming artist describes his music in two simple words, “It’s dope.” He continues, “My music has a lot of value to it,” which listeners will find evident when they press the play button on the mixtape’s first track “The Adoration.” SAV draws some of his musical inspiration from André 3000, who he deems to be his favorite rapper.

SAV has made an effort to ensure a perfect release ofDROP DEAD, which took two years to produce. In conjunction, SAV will release the music video for “Confu-Zang Wu-Tang” which was filmed in Chinatown, New York City and Atlanta, Georgia.

“SAV works to make good songs. He refuses to abuse a hot beat by throwing a bunch of random unfocused bars on it with a catchy hook; as a southern gentleman, it’s not in his nature,” said The GM.

A Fly Affair Nation: Creative Expression At Its Finest

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Founder of "A Fly Affair Nation" Jabian Sutherland photographed with two models

“Fly Affair Nation” is an up and coming company in Miami that is establishing it self as a one stop shop for Miami fashion and music enthusiasts. One thing that really stood out at a recent show the company put on at the Viceroy hotel in Miami is the unique take on style. The founder and CEO of the company Jabian Sutherland said in a recent interview that he would define the world of fashion as a constant and independent movement. With such an innovative outlook on the world of fashion and creativity, it is understandable why Sutherland went on to say that he is noticing that the Black community has become more open with their definition of style. Jeans no longer have to fall way below the waist line. Men are embracing a more tailored and customized look that is both refreshing and daring. 

Model photographed for featured designer Gorgeous Bridges clothing line "Illectrick" Photo Credit: Mark Masters


Another model photographed in "Illectrick" clothing. Photo credit: Mark Masters.

“A Fly Affair Nation” is also tackling the world of music and video production. It is believed that with time this company will blossom into a one stop shop for all creative needs. The show which took place on August 3rd was also a local platform for South Florida based designers: Michael Durham and Gorgeous Bridges to showcase their talent and love for fashion. Both lines embraced a side of style that is gradually emerging to the forefront of fashion within the Black community. Ripped tye dye jeans, spikes and pins and most importantly psychedelic make-up- were the key ingredients needed to conjure up the perfect fashion fantasy.

The general concensus over at Worthy Magazine is simple: “We would like some more, please.-” Here’s to hoping that they keep more coming.

Tell us what you think about show and make sure you stop by “A Fly Affair Nation’s” Web site.


Mercedes-Benz Swim Week 2013


When thinking about the finest in resort wear and swimsuits, the city of Miami almost instantly comes to mind. It seems as if Miami has become the perceived mecca for exotic bronzed-beauties and barely-there bikinis. However, the projected trend for next year’s bathing suits are taking flight with innovative ideas instead of leaving little to the imagination. This year’s peek into the future sprinkled the runway with vibrant, colorful neons and earth-toned odes to old glamor.

“I am seeing a lot of vintage one-piece cuts, high waisted cuts and halter tops and that really compliments pear-shaped women,” said model Jazzma Kendrick when discussing the upcoming swimsuit season.

The 22-year-old model made a splash at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim — held at the Raleigh Hotel. Vibrant colors were the stars of every show. Orange, turquoise and yellow were the show-stopping colors in practically every show. Kendrick says she feels these hues compliment women of color very well. Just three months ago the model signed with a modeling agency and appeared in three of the most notable designer’s fashion shows during the week. But her favorite gig, she says, was being featured in the Mercedes Benz Presents Vitamin A Show. Very few designers are selected to be a “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer. Amahlia Stevens for Vitamin A was the chosen designer for the year, which made Kendrick’s inclusion all the more impressive to the model.

“Vitamin A was my favorite line,” Kendrick said. “I absolutely loved the tropical colors and the suit designs were amazing. And being the finale girl in Red Carter was unreal.”

The designer made it a point to include several different stories of color in her anticipated show. Tropical oranges, greens and turquoise filled the runway- all were colors that the designer said she felt complimented any complexion.

“It was very important to me that colors of the suits complimented all complexions,” Stevens said. The designer said that she drew inspiration from a lot of the places that she had visited and that it took her quite some time to develop her line. However she was more than happy to rise to the honor of being this year’s “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer.

“I was extremely honored when I found out,” the designer said. “But I knew I had a great story to tell.” The designer expressed her pleasure with the collection and explained how it was a labor of love. “This is my passion and I think it shows in the collection.”

Among the impressive designers was Vanessa Simmons. She designed a presentation of her new swim line Rose by Vanessa Jean. The collection offered something for women of all sizes, which was Simmons’ goal.

“I wanted to offer a variety of colors and styles,” Simmons said. “I wanted to make sure I caught all the different sizes that women come in and I am happy that people are liking it.”


Ju’lia Samuels



Original article by Ju’lia Samuels also available at The Miami Times 


AFRICAN HISTORY LOST FOREVER: Militants Destroy Historic Sites


One of Africa’s most celebrated historic sites is being destroyed by religious extremists in Mali, West Africa. Many consider Africa to have been a land devoid of history and literacy. This mythology was conjured by early colonialists, desperate to justify their abduction of Africans and their lands. Standing tall, in defiance of those lies, was the great African University near Timbuktu. Timbuktu once housed some of the largest book collections and libraries on earth. 2/3 of the entire world’s gold supply traversed the deserts of Africa and passed through Timbuktu. The Djinguereber Mosque, is built in a uniquely African style with Adobe. It has stood for nearly 700 years. At one time, 25,000 students at a time would study mathematics, religion, advanced astronomy, medicine, dentistry, poetry and rhetoric. It may seem difficult to believe but African Scholars were once revered for their intellect and the University at Timbuktu was a world wide hub of intellectual thought. And now, that incredible legacy, which defied french domination and colonialism is in the process of being destroyed by Militants in West Africa’s, Mali. The militants are angered by the long history of prominence of the Sufi sect of Islam-which is a unique, mystical form of islam that incorporates music, dancing and has always found a friendly reception among Africans that seemed uniquely attracted to the less restrictive and dogmatic form of islam. They have recently decided to literally bulldoze ancient shrines, tombs and mosques dedicated to Sufi Saints and ancient African royalty. The gun men, held tourists and the remaining residents at bay with gun fire as they destroyed what remains of Ancient Africa’s intellectual heritage.

Africa has experienced several phases of destruction to the ruins that prove its long history of grand empires and intellectual history. The last involved Egypt, which built the Aswan Dam, which flooded the rich archeological sites of Ancient Nubian Kush. Nubia was once one of the world’s largest empires. Fields of Nubian Built pyramids were destroyed and the descendants of Nubian culture were relocated as the flood waters washed over their homes.

If the militants succeed, the remnants of Africa’s most enduring, literate cultures will be obliterated from record.



The GOP has leveled a stunning array of attacks against the current President of the United States. Some of these attacks have bordered on racist. There was at first, the birther conspiracy; the idea that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Then there was the idea that the President was a secret Muslim. Despite all of the acrimony caused by these attacks, none of these arguments are as dangerous as a recent attack from the RNC-(Republican National Committee)- Chairman.

The RNC-Chairman Reince Priebus recently declared that Mitt Romney must be elected in order to “Save America”.”Our Way Of Life” is at stake, said the RNC Chairman. Now many may wonder why this attack is worse then the racially charged attacks of Rush Limbaugh or the unhinged accusations of Michelle Bachman. The answer is simple. Buried within this attack is an implicit call to violence. Priebus is not the first Republican to claim that America will not survive if Barack Obama is re-elected. The claim has become common place among republicans. Consider the implications of this charge, especially in the minds of voters that may not be entirely grounded (so to speak). If America is not going to survive if Obama is elected again, then what should be done-if he is re-elected?

The GOP has lost touch with a fundamental tenant of Democracy and life in America. As a rule, Your Political Party Must Lose-at times. And You Must Be Willing To Accept That Loss. You cannot or should not whip your supporters into such a frenzy that your followers cannot accept the loss. By suggesting that the entire American experiment will come to an end if Obama wins, he is raising the stakes on the election to such a degree, in the minds of his supporters, that-should they fail, his supporters will be unable to accept their defeat. When we consider the considerable GOP efforts to portray Obama as foreign and intrinsically un-American, we can see that they have dehumanized and delegitimized the President; making the prospect of violence even more probable. When these disturbing seeds finally bare fruit, we will see that the GOP’s most dangerous attack on the President, will have disturbing consequences for our nation.



Yesterday, Mitt Romney spoke to the NAACP. Unfortunately, there were a few uncomfortable moments when Mitt Romney, a Presidential Candidate was booed! While I am personally averse to virtually everything Mr. Romney stands for, I also believe that our community is better than that. We are more civil then that. It would reflect well on the NAACP if they were to apologize for those brief moments of rudeness, in an otherwise respectful reception.

But the booing was more then rude, it was a strategic blunder. What the NAACP members missed is that they were playing right into Mitt Romney’s hands. If one listens to his speech, it becomes obvious that Romney didn’t come to the NAACP to win voters over, or even make the most persuasive speech he could.  He did everything he could to court the response he received. WHY?

Mitt Romney has bowed, so many times, to public pressure that his own party considers him to be an unprincipled, panderer. So what was Mitt Romney to do?

Political observers will remember Newt Gingrich’s, promise to right wing voters that he would go to the black community and tell us to stop demanding food stamps and tell us to start demanding jobs. Mitt Romney, has just made good on Newt Gingrich’s promise. In the world of right wing politics, this was an act of boldness. He went before an all black audience and essentially told them off. He faced them down, told them how badly their community was doing (btw: using entirely true facts. I’m not opposed to the truth) and then stood in the torrential winds of their wrath. By booing, the NAACP gave Mitt Romney extra war wounds to brag about. And the right is loving him, as they have never loved Mitt Romney before.

During the primary, Mitt Romney’s other opponent, Rick Santorum, boasted that he didn’t want to make “black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money”. He was echoing a common GOP refrain; the notion that black people want handouts and in particular we maliciously want those handouts given to us, on the backs of white laborers. Mitt Romney has now embraced both of these arguments. By booing him, the NAACP gave him a strategic weapon, with which to court his base of voters. Romney jogged straight from the NAACP convention to a room full of donors, where he regaled them with his recent display of heroism (staring down that room full of black voters) and when speaking of those that booed him, he said: “if they want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy — more free stuff. But don’t forget, nothing is really free”. ——-“HE IS SUCH A BADASS!”—-

The lesson here is that when the Republican comes to the NAACP, DON’T BOO. It only fuels negative perceptions about the black community. It proves the false claims that we are politically intolerant, uncivil and rude. But even worse, it plays right into the hands of those that hate us most.



Reality TV is notoriously, un-real! The contrived nature of the shows go far beyond their typically scripted plot lines and orchestrated fist fights. In most, if not all we are subjected to men and women living total lies. They are usually not as rich as they claim to be, or as successful as the shows imply that they are. The  casts of most Reality TV shows grossly exaggerate the fabulosity of their lives and ultimately undermine the reason Reality TV was invented. Reality Shows are supposed to give us a glimpse into the lives of people we would find fascinating. We are supposed to gain exposure to world’s that we are often not privy to. Unfortunately, most shows have preferred to glamorize the daily lives of their participants and in so doing they have drained the shows of their most compelling feature: AUTHENTICITY!

WE LOVE EMPIRE GIRLS because it is one of the few shows that doesn’t try to glamorize the struggle of it’s cast: Adrieene Bailon and Julissa Bermudez. The show is fun and light-hearted, but its also uncharacteristically real. When the season began, Julissa was living in her parent’s home. She was fighting with her brother for the hall way mirror (its the best mirror in the house for doing her make-up). The producers of the show didn’t put the Television Personality up in a rented house or lavish apartment. They didn’t try to obscure the fact that Julissa is a woman that is trying to grind her way to the top. Like many minorities, she struggles to balance- holding on to her culture with making herself marketable. The producers could have hidden those awkward moments. The desire to portray the entertainment industry as Politically Correct could have led them to edit out those moments when casting agents and audio engineers wanted Julissa to ditch her accent. But they didn’t. They allowed us to see that “side” of the industry. They also allowed us to see that Julissa makes the same compromises many of us ultimately make.

The Show could have similarly portrayed Adrieene Bailon as Ne-Yo’s new “IT” girl. They could have taken the name Empire Girls and tried to portray Adrieene as a woman On-top of The World. They could have allowed her to stunt like she was running “Compound Entertainment”-Ne-Yo’s production company. Instead, they allowed us to see that she is in the midst of a struggle. We saw how she was nearly dropped and left on the side-lines. We were allowed to see her begging to get back into Ne-Yo’s Good Graces. They allowed us to see that, despite all of her early successes, she is still fighting for her dream. The show allows us to see that both of these women, are still hungry! They aren’t on top of the world, but they are intent on getting there. They aren’t fantastically rich. They walk EVERYWHERE!  And thats why we love this show! It’s real! It is probably the most Real Show In the Crowded Universe of Reality TV. Don’t get it twisted, there are definitely some “less than authentic” moments on the show but that is to be expected. It is TV after all. But it’s not excessive-pseudo glam! It’s about two girls that are grinding like the rest of us. Viewers can relate and that is why we will keep watching!

THE DAY OF DECISION: Supreme Court Set To Rule On Healthcare


Observers of the Supreme Court, expect the august body to rule on the President’s signature healthcare overhaul within the next few hours or days. The legislation is often derided as Obamacare to which the President has inverted the insult by stating that “Obama Does Care”. Both phrases highlight the implications of the measure. The reform extended healthcare to 30 Million Americans and aims to end egregious policies such as discrimination on the basis of pre-existing conditions. Obama’s signature piece of legislation was designed to curb excess in the healthcare markets by preventing insurers from denying coverage to customers that paid their premiums or charging women more money for the same care. As Americans have witnessed the benefits of the proposal, many have come to appreciate the reform. Parents with children that are allowed to stay on their insurance long after graduating from college and up until the age of 26 have lauded the bill as progressive and especially essential for young people still struggling to find employment.

However, Republicans have argued that it was a historical over-reach. Key to the provision is a requirement that all Americans purchase insurance. The Healthcare Mandate, drives down costs for everyone, but the GOP argues its socialism and quite nearly dictatorial in the powers it exercises over the individual.

When the Supreme Court rules they will take sides in the most contentious political issue of our day. Both sides are spinning in preparation of the ruling. Democrats warn that if the Justices rule against the President, the cost of insurance will sky rocket and millions of Americans, including the young-now covered by their parents insurance, will lose coverage. The Republicans argue that if the Justices’s don’t rule against the President, we will lose our Democracy.



Is the economy turning around or not? This is the question that dominates our political landscape and will likely decide the November Presidential Election. If the economy is in the midst of a recovery, President Obama will have a very good Christmas. If it is not, Mitt Romney will be moving to Washington D.C. With the fate of both Candidates dependent upon public perceptions of our economic fortunes, both are anxious to massage the steady stream of data that informs public opinion. However, the Romney campaign is gaining critics who take issue with the camps latest move. Romney has apparently asked Republican Governors, to downplay positive economic news in their respective states. As the presumptive nominee travels from State to State, he is finding it increasingly difficult to convince voters that President Obama is a failure, when GOP Governors are undercutting his message with sunny and optimistic news about the direction of their states. If voters keep hearing from GOP Governors that the economy is improving, those voters may see very little need for a Romney Presidency!