Celestine Rae Discusses Balancing Romantic Roles With Her Romantic Life


Photo Credit: Christine Jean Chambers

The voice that greets me when I answer my phone is peacefully melodic. She literally sings her greetings as she mentions her upcoming audition that she woke up running lines for. It’s an inviting tone that she maintains throughout the entire interview that makes it easy for me to ask questions that I am usually afraid to ask most talent that I interview. 

On the cusp of the release, October 4th, of her latest role in  “A Brother’s Honor,”  Celestine Rae speaks of her character “Shana Bradford” with an infatuation that most actresses exude after literally transforming into their character for a little while.  

“I love Shana. She is a quick-witted woman. I love that she is so willing to say what is on her mind.”

 The romantic film, which is based on Brenda Jackson’s romantic novel will be available on Passionflix which is a streaming platform that is turning your favorite romantic novels into movies and series. It will be the first POC lead romantic film for Passionflix. We will see “Shana” stepping in to save a struggling family business that is also dealing with the potential loss of their beloved grandfather. In her role as a focused business savy woman, love still seems to blossom in the midst of business and tragedy. Discussing her latest role offered the most natural opening to a question that I think most people find themselves wondering when watching romantic films that feature our favorite actors who are usually married or involved with someone. How do actors balance their romantic roles with their romantic personal lives?

“That’s a great question,” Celestine said before quietly giggling.  “I think it’s about balance. Make sure you get back to reality quick and spend time with your significant other. You also need to make sure you have a romantic partner who understands your profession. But I am grateful that I have never had any issues with that.” 

Take a look at the trailer for Celestine’s upcoming role. There will be more to read about the actress in our upcoming issue of Worthy Magazine. 





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