Worthy Agenda: Yakuza Anniversary Party

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Fall in love with food again. No longer does one have to sacrifice quality or comfort. Introducing Yakuza – where taste, quality and comfort are all fused. Take a modern restaurant, add some flare to the menu, mix in some corky cocktails and VOILA! You have a tasty Japanese sushi – Thai fusion restaurant like no other.

Yakuza – modern Japanese and Thai, launched a successful opening on March 10th, 2016. Adding tradition to modern creations, owners (husband and wife) Jay and Mini Areechot execute a unique menu, paired with tastefully chosen cocktails and exceptional customer service that is second to none.

“We are pleased at amount of support we’ve received from the community and couldn’t be happier sharing this anniversary with everyone.” – Mini Areechot

Yakuza - Seafood Pic

Yakuza only uses the freshest ingredients – a quality over quantity approach that many restaurants have long forgotten. On the menu, you’ll take notice of some fascinating creations like, Yuzu Jelly and Sake-Soy. Their specialty plates also include high quality proteins such as: Filet Penang, Cornish Hen Green Curry, and the mouthwatering Egg Crepe Lobster Pad Thai.

Their reviews are stellar! Pulling in local fishermen who enjoy the 9-fish option (used in their high-profile sushi) that no other local restaurant provides. “A customer can experience world class service, yet feel as if they are at home.” Says co-owner Mini Areechot.

Yakuza which translates to “Japanese Mafia” in Japanese, was inspired by a local Japanese restaurant in Chicago the two visited during their earlier entrepreneurial days. Satisfied with their moniker, the two-incorporated ambience, customer service and flavorful Japanese/Thai cuisines that gave way to a beautiful business venture that specializes in quality over quantity.

Today Yakuza Celebrates its 1-year Anniversary.

Experience live music, creative food options and sip on a complimentary cocktail as Pompano Beach’s only fusion Japanese-Thai restaurant turns one.


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