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Spring is upon us and nature-inspired jewelry line COUP, has the season’s must have pieces. But we can’t help but feel that the collection is very BeyHive friendly.  Celebrating nature in its rawest form, COUP takes a closer look at the relationships between humans, animals and nature.

Worthy Agenda: Yakuza Anniversary Party

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Fall in love with food again. No longer does one have to sacrifice quality or comfort. Introducing Yakuza – where taste, quality and comfort are all fused. Take a modern restaurant, add some flare to the menu, mix in some corky cocktails and VOILA! You have a tasty Japanese sushi – Thai fusion restaurant like no other.

Yakuza – modern Japanese and Thai, launched a successful opening on March 10th, 2016. Adding tradition to modern creations, owners (husband and wife) Jay and Mini Areechot execute a unique menu, paired with tastefully chosen cocktails and exceptional customer service that is second to none.

“We are pleased at amount of support we’ve received from the community and couldn’t be happier sharing this anniversary with everyone.” – Mini Areechot

Yakuza - Seafood Pic

Yakuza only uses the freshest ingredients – a quality over quantity approach that many restaurants have long forgotten. On the menu, you’ll take notice of some fascinating creations like, Yuzu Jelly and Sake-Soy. Their specialty plates also include high quality proteins such as: Filet Penang, Cornish Hen Green Curry, and the mouthwatering Egg Crepe Lobster Pad Thai.

Their reviews are stellar! Pulling in local fishermen who enjoy the 9-fish option (used in their high-profile sushi) that no other local restaurant provides. “A customer can experience world class service, yet feel as if they are at home.” Says co-owner Mini Areechot.

Yakuza which translates to “Japanese Mafia” in Japanese, was inspired by a local Japanese restaurant in Chicago the two visited during their earlier entrepreneurial days. Satisfied with their moniker, the two-incorporated ambience, customer service and flavorful Japanese/Thai cuisines that gave way to a beautiful business venture that specializes in quality over quantity.

Today Yakuza Celebrates its 1-year Anniversary.

Experience live music, creative food options and sip on a complimentary cocktail as Pompano Beach’s only fusion Japanese-Thai restaurant turns one.



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Today, the House of Representatives will vote on the American Healthcare Act. Despite, holding both Houses of Congress and the White House, the Republicans are expected to vote down their own bill. The reform will cost 24 million Americans their healthcare. It slashes Medicaid and will raise premiums on all but the young and healthy. After 7 years of opposing Obamacare, the Republicans have managed to write a bill that fails to satisfy any of the ideological metrics that Republicans have used to assault Obamacare. Most prognosticators are certain that the AHCA will fail in a fantastic display of legislative pyrotechnics. TrumpCare, if you ask Paul Ryan or RyanCare, if you ask the Whitehouse, is so unpopular that the Whitehouse and Speaker of the House have publicly jousted regarding which Nom De Plume will go on the bill, with neither side desirous of having the dishonor. As the Republicans tempt fate and court decimation in the midterm elections, where are the Democrats? An article in The Politico offers an answer. “The Democrats New Obamacare Strategy: Get Out of The Way”. As a legislative strategy, this is largely the right approach. Democrats should not try to stall republican attempts to vote on a bill that reveals how their party has abdicated its core principles and were perhaps never sincere in their criticism of Obamacare. However, “Get Out of The Way” also seems to be the ethos of the national party. In an epic failure to capitalize, Democrats nationally have not used the disastrous AHCA as a mobilizing tool. Together, with the equally reviled Trump-Budget, the Democrats could easily assemble the ultimate Megazord to fight the GOP in the midterms. And yet, the Democrats have not begun to lay the foundation for an effective mid-term effort. The Democrats should have already hired new organizers and deployed them in the backyards of rural Republican districts. Organizing wins’ elections but Organizing isn’t about phone-calls or door to door. The foundation of Organizing is about building relationships and as Republicans turn their backs on the voters that elected them by offering policies that gut the programs those voters depend on, Democrats have an unprecedented opportunity to build new relationships with rural voters. As these rural Republican voters are forced to confront the reality that they need government programs just as much as the inner cities Republicans often lampoon, the Democrats have a chance to expose the core Republican obsession with the gutting of government programs as fundamentally flawed. Never before have Democrats had such an obvious opportunity to bring about a fundamental collapse of Republican orthodoxy by laying siege to the foundations and overly simplistic principles of the GOP. As rural Republican voters suddenly realize that they are just as dependent on government funding as liberal bastions and minority communities, Democrats have a real chance to batter the intellectual pillars that have buttressed conservative thought since the era of William F. Buckley. And what are Democrats doing instead: They are Getting Out of The Way. Democrats should have been using this time to reconstitute their army of Organizers and begin deploying them to the rural communities that roundly rejected their message in the last election. They can now show those voters the true cost of Republican cuts and argue forcefully for the power of government to improve their lives. The Dems should be giving Organizers the time it takes to build bonds with these new prospective voters who often hail from regions where being a Democrat is socially synonymous with being a communist. Democrats cannot afford to implement the “tried and failed” strategy of waiting until shortly before the mid-term or the Presidential election to deploy Organizers in the hope of making gains in communities that have believed for generations that being a Democrat is akin to being a traitor. The achilles heel of the Democratic Party is a lack of a sustained presence in these communities that nurtures and builds relationships with these votes. For the first time in a long time, these voters have eyes and ears to hear the message of the Democratic Party. The Democrats cannot afford to miss this opportunity.