Hennessy Announces Project Wild Rabbit Finalists


Leading international artists came together last night to recognize emerging artistic talent as the finalists of Hennessy’s Project Wild Rabbit were announced at The Market Gallery. Now in its fifth year, Project Wild Rabbit – a collaboration between Hennessy Cognac & Pratt Institute – enlisted a selection of Pratt graduate students from multiple creative disciplines to create original works of art inspired by their own Wild Rabbit (which represents the ever-evolving pursuit to push past the limits of one’s potential. It is what fuels those who “Never stop. Never settle.”).

 Hip hop artist and Hennessy Brand Ambassador Nas joined artist and judge Kadir Nelson as they selected Pratt graduate student Satareh Parvin as the first Project Wild Rabbit finalist.

Arian Beauregard, a second Project Wild Rabbit finalist was also decided by a consumer vote and honored last night. Both Satareh & Arian will receive seed money to jumpstart their careers.

Images by: Jesus Aranguren/Invision for Hennessy/AP Images.

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