The concept for Party in a Cinch was born when founder Sarah Cannon was planning a baby shower for a friend. Everything she found at local party stores were cheesy and cheap. Being a professional event planner, her friends and family expected nothing short of perfection, so the less than stellar options just wouldn’t do. That is that day that Sarah decided to start designing party boxes for busy people who wanted to host quality parties at affordable prices. Though it started as a hobby, Sarah quickly noticed she was filling a need in the market and soon her business came to life. 

Making the transition from a steady paycheck and full-time job, to taking a leap of faith and starting your own business can be terrifying. Sarah shares, “Knowing when was the right time to leave my day job was probably the toughest decision I had to make.” Also in the beginning, she took on a lot of tasks that were completely out of her wheelhouse, therefore wasting a lost of time. But every challenge made her stronger and every minor setback was a lesson learned.


A great idea is a catalyst to any business but it isn’t enough to create a successful one that will last. “To become and remain successful you have to learn that life as an entrepreneur is a constant ebb and flow. The sooner you get on board with the reality that in the beginning you won’t have normal hours, and will have as many ups as you do downs, the sooner you can learn to remain confident during the down times and take just enough time to celebrate the good times, but then immediately get back to building,” Sarah adds.


Party in a Cinch was a simple idea that started in Sarah’s head that soon after became a business. So to her, everything is a milestone to celebrate. She elaborates, “This all started with an idea, so I think any success I have had is a big success, from seeing my vision in my head come to life with the finished product to the first time someone purchased one of the party boxes, to the time someone went out of their way to email me about how she used a box for her sister’s bridal shower and how much of a life saver it was. It all means a lot to me.”  

 Party in a Cinch delivers themed party boxes directly to your door. You can browse all available options and easily choose your box online. The party boxes are carefully curated for you by top event planners and are delivered to your doorstep in a few days. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to go. Party in a Cinch does all the work, and you take all the credit. 


Each box includes décor, satin linens, satin napkins, premium plates and high-qualty flatware, appetizer and drink recipes, and a party tip sheet. Boxes retail between $99 and $119, depending on the style. They also offer the newest trend on the party scene, 35-inch confetti balloons for $17 each. 

 The best part is that for every party box purchased, a birthday is given to a child in need who otherwise would not get to celebrate their special day! Buy a party and give a party – to the little ones who will value it the most. 


The company is rapidly growing and is becoming the new way for people to produce superior parties, while keeping them cost effective. This has allowed Party in a Cinch to become the one-stop resource for anyone hosting a party. For more information or to purchase your own box, visit


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