Friday Favorites: Noteworthy YouTube Shows


If we have learned anything from some of our favorite YouTube channels it’s that you are never tool old for “Story Time.” Here is a short list of some of our favorite YouTube story tellers we like to pretend that we are friends with. 

1.  Rosé Roundtable

The best stories are told over drinks. The greatest stories are told over Rosé.  So we were sold before we even saw the first roundtable but we are happy to say that this isn’t just a love for Rosé talking or an obsession with the Saldana sisters. The show is raw and honest and features amazing guests who just get added to our list of YouTubers to love.  Watch An Episode. 

2. Talking in Circle

We have been obsessed with Laura Miller the host of Talking in Circles for a long time. Her authentic personality won us over in her other YouTube show Raw Vegan Not Gross. With her return to YouTube via Talking in Circles we get more of the personality and we also get a little bit of authentic story telling from her and her amazing guests. More importantly each show honestly explores the often ignored topic of mental health. The season just wrapped up but that is perfect for the binge watchers of the world.  Watch an episode. 

3. Evelyn From The Internets

We sincerely believe we are friends with Evelyn and it is not because we are on a first name basis with the YouTuber. It is the combination of relatable story telling, the honesty and the intellecutual stamina that has wooed us. Evelyn From The Internets will keep you laughing even if she is just offering up a simple review or telling you about the weirdest pick up line that she has heard.  Watch the episode that won us over and even appeared on Beyonce’s Tour. 

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