Noteworthy Accessories On Our Radar


We love items that serve multiple purposes. Here are a few items that we have our eye on. 
MPG Sport style-driven silhouettes combine high performance technology and fabrics that carry you from the office to the airport, vacation destinations, outdoor adventures and everywhere in-between, which is why they are on our radar

Utility Hooded Backpack

Fashionable yet functional—this unisex backpack features a unique, stow-away hood, detailed dual entry and water resistant fabric. Perfect for city commuting and outdoor activities alike.
Retail: $130

Link to buy:

Angela Roi, a New York based ethical luxury handbag brand, is introducing what is being described as “the best vegan wallet.” 

   Olivia Wallet is the most premium quality, extremely durable vegan wallet with modern classic aesthetic. The highly functional Olivia Wallet is meticulously hand cut and carefully crafted by skilled artisans. 
Songa Designs provides jobs to more than 150 women in Rwanda, which enables them to buy things like land or health insurance and even send their children to school for the first time. Supporting socially conscious companies and making a difference never goes out of style. We are in love with LINDONA NECKLACE, which retails for $48.00. We love that Songa Designs are bold and colorful statement pieces that can go with almost anything. 

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