The Beauty of Bath Rituals


Image Courtesy of Traditional Medicinals

Turn your everyday rituals into a magical experience 
Transform your bathroom into your own personal oasis to wash away your stress and awaken your own inner goddess. The stress of our everyday responsibilities can make it easy to believe that the path to peace and happiness has to be just as elaborate and difficult to acquire. But we wanted to remind you that some of the simplest things can be transformed into a luxurious treat. You have the right to make every experience no matter how small as magical as possible. 

According to Traditional Medicinals, bathing is actually an ancient therapeutic practice called balneotherapy. Romans recognized the importance of water therapy and even provided public bath houses for citizens. Ayurvedic healers use steams, baths, and cold water plunges to maintain health based on your constitution–also known as doshas—and promote circulation.* Almost all ancient cultures prescribe therapeutic bathing rituals to promote overall wellness and calm the skin, our body’s largest organ.

So we wanted to share a few recipes that stood out to us from some of our favorite accounts to follow. 

“I think every women, especially every black women, have the tool to manifest pleasure for themselves. These baths are pleasure tools, they heal me and remind me daily that my body is divine,” Ayana Flewellen owner of Dovie’s said. 

Ayana’s bath rituals always brighten up our Instagram feed. Vibrant sunflowers dance across her bath water and immediately capture our attention. We needed to know more.

Images from Ayana’s Instagram

 “I started this practice because of the stress from school, and the very real devalue of black life and the divine feminine I needed a practice that reminded myself of my divinity, something that was of my own making,” Ayana said. 

One of her go-to recipes for a relaxing bath includes fresh sunflowers, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, lavender, and ylang ylang oil poured directly into the bath. 

“This is an abundance bath, the apple cider vinegar is clearing it pulls toxins from the body. The coconut oil moisturizes skin. Ylang ylang is a divine feminine oil, and lavender brings about calm,” Ayana shared. 

Another recipe that is sure to make you feel like you can take on the world comes from Traditional Medicinals. Their recipe comes with instructions for five servings to get you through the work week.

Image Courtesy of Traditional Medicinals

Flower-Powered Sea Salts
A relaxing blend to calm your nerves and soothe sore muscles.*

5 six-ounce jars


Big mixing bowl

Spoon for mixing

½ cup baking soda

½ cup sweet almond oil (or healthy oil of choice, like jojoba or sesame oil)

½ cup dried calendula petals

1 cup dried rose petals

1 cup coarsely ground, Kosher sea salt

1 cup Epsom salt

4-6 drops of lavender essential oil

1 drop of Moroccan blue chamomile oil
Start by blending the dry ingredients together in the large bowl, then slowly pour in the almond and essential oils while stirring.

Add the mixture to the jars, and label them with their ingredients and the date crafted.

Add a couple of tablespoons to each bath to enjoy a deep state of calm.
Whether you go with an old fashioned bubble bath, use bath bombs or these recipes. Make sure that you make time to create your own experiences. 

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