Spa Week at Eden Day Spa in Boca Raton


The entrance of Eden Day Spa in Boca Raton (213 East Palmetto Park Road) feels like it belongs to you. The intimate and inviting entrance beckons you to take in the sugar scrubs, lotions and oils that line the walls of the waiting area, creating a nest of comfort. The spa feels like home. You know that if you could fill your home with your favorite grooming products this is what it would like. There is a unique comfort at Eden Day Spa that assures you that you are in a spa and not a medical facility. Every detail reaffirms that you are about to be comforted. 

Eden Day Spa is one of the many locations that is participating in the highly-anticipated and worthy approved, Spa Week. Starting today until the 23rd of this month, spa treatments can be booked nationally for a flat rate, $50 directly on the Spa Week Website. 

“Taking care of your body today will slow down the aging clock of tomorrow,” Founder of Spa Week, Cheryl Reid shares, “Incorporating spa and wellness practices into your daily regimen will preserve your mental and spiritual wellbeing, help maintain your youthful appearance, aid in managing your stress levels, improve your energy and enhance your life.” 

Worthy Approved at Eden Day Spa

The magazine highly recommends the 50 Minute Sweet Cream Buttered Rum Body Bliss Back Buff + Body Massage is described as, “50 minutes of pure heaven with a delicious combo of a back buff and body massage. Golden brown sugar and premium aged rum combine with rice bran oil in this buttery-sweet body scrub that polishes away dry, rough patches in those hard-to-reach spots on your back, leaving your skin ultra soft and smooth. Following your decadent back buff, you will receive a body massage performed with a nourishing lotion scented with light velvety notes of sweet cream and infused with a blend of natural oils including Sweet Almond, Avocado and Sesame, that provide lasting softness and hydration.” The treatment provides attention to an often neglected and overworked part of your body, which is why we enjoyed it so much. 

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