Stand Out in Iconic Handmade Dresses from KÜR Collection



Stand Out in Iconic Handmade Dresses from KÜR Collection An icon of handmade craft with finer detail, KÜR collection offers authentic women’s ready-to-wear dresses and separates all to revitalize the dying craft of lace making. Designer and creative mind Kasuni Rathnasuriya has been working hard on KÜR Collection’s newest collection, Dark Romance. Since the launch of the label in 2009, Kasuni has continued to ethically produce and design contemporary, handcrafted lace pieces out of New York. Kasuni didn’t always have her dreams set on being a fashion designer. As a child, she originally wanted to become a doctor, but later decided to skip medical school and try out design school, where she also studied marketing and management. Kasuni soon became bored with her job as a market analyst, and decided to kick-start her own clothing line. She has since been recognized by many in the fashion industry, and has been able to add many awards and acknowledgements to her ever-growing brand. Kasuni was looking for an element that would make KÜR Collection stand out from the rest, so she decided to incorporate the craft of lace-making to give an authenticity to contemporary fashion. To empower the female community, she traveled back to her home in Sri Lanka to have the village women create the lace by hand, with proceeds from sales being donated to the Sri Lankan flood victims who lost their homes. All made with love for the one-of-a-kind
woman who loves to make a statement, the collection is an eclectic mix of delicate and intricate lace on modern silhouettes – the use of white gives the pieces a modern feel, while the use of cotton and cotton lace give a more casual attitude to the look. These pieces were inspired by the comfortableness and uniqueness found in street style.




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