Trustworthy You Should Try Green Bar & Kitchen


Kimchi 'Beef' Tacos_Green Bar Express

Flavorful, familiar and filling are the words that instantly come to mind when describing the menu at Green Bar & Kitchen (1075 SE 17th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.) The restaurant has managed to masterfully create plant-based dishes that walk a fine line of exotic and familiar. You will not find your standard vegetarian burger at this place. Instead you can attend “Taco Tuesday” or stop in on Wednesdays and enjoy a sweet and savory wonton which is filled with vegan cream cheese and one of Green Bar and Kitchen’s signature burger mixes.

Veggies Running Wild
The menu line up will leave you feeling like there is nothing off limits for Green Bar Kitchen, which is the overall goal. The owners Elena Pezzo and Charlie Grippo along with their new chef and director of operations, Adam Brigham want you to come over to the green side and the menu demonstrates that. Imagine chowing down on a chick’n salad sandwich that tastes exactly chicken and finding out that the only ingredients are: peas, soy protein, mayo celery, red onion, raisins and cranberries on millet/flax bread. Or imagine having plant-based version of loaded fries placed in front of you that are seasoned with chili, cheese and scallions.

“We really want to show people that they can actually go vegan and not feel like they are missing out,” Pezzo said.

It is our humble opinion that they accomplish that goal. While we can appreciate the new spices one might unearth while crossing over to a plant-based diet, there is a unique and long lasting effect that comes with being able to recreate dishes that you have eaten for years that end up being much better for you.

“You are not going to end up feeling tired or heavy after one of our dishes. You will have energy. That is how you should want to feel after a meal. You should be full and energized,” Brigham said.
Trustworthy Tip

Don’t be afraid to give the dessert menu a try. While our past encounters with vegan desserts have left a strange after taste in our mouths, we are certain that won’t happen to you at Green Bar & Kitchen. We did the leg work. The restaurant’s baker Mikalea Barnes ,who admittedly is not vegan but just bakes that way, employs her dual palate when creating the restaurant’s signature desserts. She has earned the title of the “Non-Dairy Fairy.” You can find doughnuts, cupcakes, whoopie pies and soft serve ice cream. P.S. They also do brunch. You’re welcome.

Dinner snacks range from $3-$7. Soups and salads range from $5-$13. Burgers range from $9-$12. Tacos and bowls range from $10-$12.


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