Getting To Know Torrey DeVitto In The Latest Issue Of Worthy


Photographer: Rowan Daly

Torrey DeVitto is a lethal combination of brains, beauty and talent. While she is quickly becoming a household name on NBC’s hit series Chicago Med, which follows the lives of the courageous medical staff of a new state of the art medical facility, the actress is no stranger to being on successful TV shows. Torrey’s impressive roster consists of: Dawson’s Creek, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and our personal favorite Pretty Little Liars. 
Her latest role however holds a unique place in her heart. 
“I was excited to play someone closer to my age,” the actress said. 
On Chicago Med, Torrey is Dr. Natalie Manning a pediatric medicine specialist who is unapologetically focused on her work and is also in the third trimester of her pregnancy.   
 “She’s is a very strong woman. I have a lot in common with my character. She leads with compassion. This role has been the most thrilling to date. I am in love with the show.” Torrey said.
When Torrey made her move to film Chicago Med the actress employed a very organic approach to prepare for her current role as Dr. Natalie Manning. She credits her work with hospice care for developing the strong and compassionate disposition she brings to the role. 
“A lot of my hospice work comes into sync with my role. You have to be level headed but compassionate.” 
With beauty, brains and compassion as common denominators, Torrey sites the characteristics of her astrological sign as the noticeable differences between herself and Dr. Natalie Manning. 
“Yes, unfortunately I can have the emotional reaction of an infant. I am a Gemini. I have a deep connection with all of my emotions. If I had to describe myself in three words it would be: “Inspired, lover and giver. I show up for my friends and I love hard.” 
Worthy Origins

While the actress has appeared in numerous sitcoms, we fell in love with supernaturally perfect character she played on Pretty Little Liars. 
“The pilot agents said it would be huge. I had no idea. You know there are things that you would think would be huge and it doesn’t end up working out. I grew so much on the show. She was the longest character I played. I built a true genuine appreciation for Melissa,” Torrey said. 
Creative Freedom
A lot of Torrey’s fans are learning of her other love which is music. The actress is a very talented violinist since the age of six. She even played a solo at Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s wedding. 
“The two are such different experiences. There is one right way to do things with music. But with acting there is no right and wrong except for what is given. I like that I could potentially play whoever I want.”  

Two Days of Uncensored,  Unjuried Performing Arts


Imagine: two days full of cutting-edge, diverse, uncensored and unjuried live theater performances. That’s exactly what is taking place this weekend at the Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival. 

Brought to South Florida for the second year in a row by Broward College, this exciting two-day event has set out to fuse the local community with unique artistic creations both on stage and on the streets. There are 63 total performances taking place between Friday and Saturday, ranging in rating everywhere from family friendly to adult only.


The history of Fringe Festivals began in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947. There, a number of performing artists who were official partners of the Edinburgh International Festival decided to produce their own work in empty stores and church basements. Thus, their work was staged literally “on fringe” of the established festival. The concept was an immediate success and the Fringe soon became as popular as the official festival.


“Broward College strives to provide our community with culturally enriching experiences and the Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival supports that mission,” says David J. Armstrong, President of Broward College. “Last year’s event was a huge success and we will continue to grow the festival into a staple of the city’s already thriving art scene.”


Sparked your interest yet? Performances include “Tales from the Forest” by Terri Giannoustos, who tells the story of the Halloween industry from an actor’s point of view and “Great, Big, Beautiful, Tomorrow” by Nick Valdes, an insightful journey into the deep dark secrets of Disney; one of the top corporations in the world.


For a full list of performances, schedule details, and to purchase tickets, visit