Enjoying the Jurnee


The actress sat down with Worthy Magazine during Macy’s Black History Month celebration to discuss the most challenging role that she has played so far and to share her definition of real beauty. Read the actress’ explanation on why her character Rosalie on WGN’s hit series Underground has been her most challenging.
Jurnee is an allusive kind of Hollywood child star. If she has any demons, you haven’t seen it sprawled across tabloid pages in true Hollywood child star fashion. The actress walks the line of success while enjoying the fruits of a healthy marriage. 
“There are several keys to a lasting relationship. I would 
 The actress’ list of costars, which includes the Olson Twins and Samuel L. Jackson (to name a few) were acquired well before she was even a teenager, and the list has only become even more extensive reaching up to cinematic titans like Denzel Washington. But nevertheless to sit across a table from a talent as young and relevant as Jurnee is to be in the presence of greatness and tremendous humility. It is literally disarming.  
The Underground
When discussing her upcoming role on WGN’s Underground, the actress was extremely candid about why she was the most proud of this role. We have enjoyed her in vocal roles on Full House and the cult classic Eve’s Bayou and The Great Debaters. Her list of powerhouse roles is very impressive by our Worthy standards. But her current role is what takes the cake, according to the actress. 
“I would say that the most challenging character that I have played so far has to be my current character Rosalee on WGN’s Underground.You really get to see her evolve. She starts out oppressed and restricted and throughout the course of the season she is empowered. You end up being surprised by her. She is a dreamer at a time that it is not safe for a person of color to dream,” Jurnee said

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