Why every woman should know about Ane Amour

Editor's Journal, Featured


Ane Amour apparel collection features versatile designs that bring an 80’s ‘Sex and the City’ touch to the modern businesswoman. Crafted and designed in New York City, these bold fabrics make classic suits not look like suits. Sophisticated, wild, unique, and delicate are a few the different ways to describe the collection. With precision cuts, curves and details around every corner of each garment, the clothes are anything but ordinary. 
Creative director and designer, Iyala Anne, carefully selects each material with inspirations from nature, music and various cultures. With her parents blessing to follow her dreams, the New York native traveled to India, South and Central America, and Indonesia, keeping a creative mind open through her eventful life. Although traveling is an ideal way to collect ideas, she declares that the diverse population in NYC opened her eyes and imagination to many ideas to feed off of. “I am passionate about supporting the rich fashion history of fashion in NYC and hope to be a part of keeping it alive,” she adds.
Iyala grew up believing that fashion design is a sculpture for the body and was inspired when studying magazines like WWD to create art. The designer even said that there were times that people would ask her where she got what she had on when in reality they were her own designs. Using different materials like silks, cotton, rayon, velvets, satins, brocades and creating something out of them makes her a true artist in the end.
Along with being a fashion designer, Iyala is a singer/songwriter currently releasing her first album, a passionate ballet student and yoga teacher. It’s safe to say she is the graceful rock star all women aspire to be. “I wanted to provide women with a sense of confidence and ability to express themselves through a brand that incorporates artistic depth and knowledge, while conveying a meaning and relatable experiences behind the image,” Iyala says.
Now, the one thing that should be done this year is this: get dressed up for work, and feel great doing it. Ane Amour can be dressed up or dressed down from day to night, to make every day a little more sensational. 
The collection is available online at http://www.aneamour.com.

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