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Tesla, the Apple of Electric Cars has given technology enthusiasts the first look at it’s long awaited Model 3. The Model 3 comes on the heels of the release of Tesla’s model X and Model S Sedan. The Model 3 is the fulfillment of the company’s founding mission, to create a high quality-long range vehicle that was affordable for the masses. After numerous setbacks, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk jokingly described the Model 3 as the fourth piece in the trilogy of Tesla’s Master Plan. The Tesla Roadstar, Model S and Model X were all vital steps responsible for funding the development and manufacturing of the Model 3. After teasing the audience Musk rolled out several versions of the car, each sporting the signature Tesla console ripped from the future to create an interior that is as much space ship as it is a car. Musk described a rear seat window that is created out of a single pane of glass to create a spacious rear seating that will allow the Model 3 to comfortably fit 5. At a base price of 35,000 Musk bragged that even the base model is a fantastic vehicle. Before even showing the model 3, Tesla had sold 115,000 vehicles in the last 24 hours. Those enthusiastic buyers will receive a baseline car that at minimum achieves 0-60 in 6 seconds, with higher end models even faster. “At Tesla We Don’t Make Slow Cars” Musk noted. The range for the Model 3 is at-least 215 miles per charge. Take a first look at the Model 3 with Worthy Magazine.

IMG_0463 IMG_0462 IMG_0460

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