It’s no secret that the practice of Yoga is increasing in popularity throughout the nation with no sign of slowing down. Sustainability, positivity, and healthy living are three of the trends we’re starting to see more and more people pay attention to, especially in the South Florida area. Who could be surprised, considering that the practice helps to not only improve mood, state of mind, and overall mental and physical health. Yoga brings the mind and the body together as one, creating a positive impact that will benefit you throughout every aspect of your daily life.


Yoga is here to stay. Each year, millions of Americans are hopping on board with the trend and reaping benefits that go far beyond the health-related. Yes, practicing Yoga will help tone your body. Yes, it aids in muscle recovery and respiratory strength. Yes, it helps burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. But the most exciting result, and arguably the most rewarding, is the positive impact that Yoga has on your mind. Its dynamic power benefits the brain, attitude, and overall reality.


Understanding this impact is as simple as this: Yoga poses and breathing discharge tension and stress, therefore relieving the body and mind of negativity. The concentration that is required during a Yoga session allows you to achieve full awareness and a present sense of being. Embracing the moment that is right now alleviates the anxiety, depression and distraction that most of us experience at some point during the day. Yoga can be practiced alone, in a class, or even at an all day festival with thousands of like-minded individuals looking to improve their lives, one breath at a time.


Coming to Fort Lauderdale this April, The Yoga Expo welcomes Yogis of all experience levels, beginner to pro, to attend and practice, learn about their community, and sample local, sustainable brands – all in a day’s worth! Founded by entrepreneur Kyle Michaud, The Yoga Expo is the largest festival of its’ kind, featuring both local and world-class teachers and studios, with over 150 classes throughout the day. The all-day event aims to strengthen the community, educating and empowering all who attend.


Tickets available:

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