South Florida is known for its’ steamy temperatures and ridiculously hot bodies that flood the beach. Behind those hot bodies are beautiful souls who put in the time to keep themselves looking great and feeling even better. Liquido Active is a Miami-based active wear brand that offers limited edition apparel for women who love to make a statement. 

Liquido recently launched their Om Stars collection, which was created in collaboration with social media Yoga stars Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna. The styles align with the Zen, ocean-oriented lifestyle that Verna and Macgregor know all too well. The brand is a true representation of hot and confident South Florida living. The bold colors and prints push boundaries, and lead designer Renata Facchini encourages her customers to do the same. A believer in the yoga movement and confidence that practice brings to women around the world, Facchini creates each pair of pants in limited quantity, offering designs to women that are as unique as each of their personalities.


Yoga is an exercise trend that is here to stay, and the apparel has become less of a niche market than what it once was. Many women are beginning to incorporate yoga attire into their day-to-day lives; shopping and running errands, or meeting friends for a causal coffee or lunch. Liquido’s designs are functional, flexible and flattering, allowing for women to transition seamlessly from the studios to the streets.


So what made this brand the perfect fit for social media stars, Kerri Verna and Kino MacGregor? They both share their thoughts below.


“Designing the Om Stars collection with Kino and the amazing team at Liquido has been a dream come true for me. I literally live in yoga clothes so what I wear is extremely important to me. This collection is both fun and functional. The amazing fabric is like a second skin on your body. The vibrant and colorful prints actually make me excited to get on my mat and practice. I hope that when people wear Om Stars they feel not only beautiful but that they also feel excited to practice,” Verna shares.


“I have long dreamt of the perfect yoga clothing line but no matter where I looked I just couldn’t find it. Until now! With Om Stars, Kerri and I have created the clothes that embody everything we love about yoga and life. We love the sun, the bright colors of Miami and the tropical feeling of living on the beach. Om Stars is just like us – fun, colorful and full of life,” MacGregor explains.


The Liquido Om Stars collection is made up of funky printed leggings, bandeaus, sports bras, tank tops, and shorts. Visit http://www.liquidoactive.com for more!