The Green Planet Festival Brings Education on Sustainability to Fort Lauderdale



 If you’re a huge fan of everything-organic, yoga pants and poses, or understand what centering your chakras means, then don’t make the mistake of missing The Green Planet Festival. Set to take over the Broward County Convention Center on Feb 27th from 11am to 6pm, it is filled with positive vibes, over 150 exhibitors, live music, speakers, movie screenings, a wine & beer garden, food, workshops, children’s activities, yoga, fitness demonstrations and more. The Green Planet Festival is all about sustainability, empowering and educating local consumers on eco-friendly choices in the community. Launched by Kyle Michaud, the event began as a means to spread awareness towards the preservation of our resources. Giving back to the community is an effort that Kyle believes we all must contribute to. Educating his attendees on sustainability is key in obtaining success in his new endeavor. He believes in bringing people together by connecting them with other like-minded individuals and introducing them to healthy activities.


This year the festival is back for a second round, featuring large national brands as well as local businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area, seeking to level the playing field between public and privately owned businesses. The first Green Planet Festival attracted more than 6,000 attendees in Fort Lauderdale last February. The event provides community members with an accurate portrayal of what is available in their very own city, aiding in the support of small companies and further investing in a better tomorrow. All ages are welcome to attend the exciting event and meet other like-minded individuals in hopes of promoting the three core principals of the festival: education, choice and co-creation.


Kyle Michaud was born in Detchess County, New York, with eyes on the prize and a knack for launching successful businesses. Kyle received his Bachelor’s of Science from SUNY University of Albany as a complement to his entrepreneurial spirit. Equipped with great ideas for sensing trends before they’ve gone mainstream, Kyle began his career by launching an event planning company in between his homework assignments and booking exclusive headliners like Steve Aoki, Showtek and Adventure Club. His drive to succeed helped him garner large sums of money before he could even legally drink. After quickly rising to success, Kyle sold his business and launched the Green Planet Festival which he felt was a better fit for his lifestyle. Kyle had a goal to create a business platform that addressed society’s lack of awareness towards the preservation of our resources while giving back to the community. Today the Green Planet Festival features yoga, fitness, workshops, children’s activities and games, lectures, demonstrations, and over 100 green and sustainable South Florida companies. The event will be held on Saturday, February 27, from 11a.m. – 6p.m. at the Broward Convention Center. Tickets are $14.95 each, available online at





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