You Should Know About Lilac And Lilies’ New Blog


 The insanely stylish, Michelle Dimarco, co-founder of Lilac and Lilies shares why she has started a blog celebrating women who like herself are making a difference in their community and pursuing their dreams.  
I had no idea I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After college, I struggled finding a career I was madly passionate about. I sought refuge in keeping up on the latest trends in fashion magazines and designer blogs while dressing my friends for fun. My style muses ranged from Bridget Bardot to Diane Kruger and Carine Roitfeld.
When a retail space opened up near my house, my mom encouraged me to take a leap of (fashionable) faith. Over the next couple weeks, I listened closely to my heart which encouraged me to create that which did not exist. As a result, I surrendered to the universe and gave birth to a new brand – Lilac And Lilies boutique.
However, a career in fashion isn’t ALL glamour, ALL the time. After seven years in business, I began to feel the itch. The seven year “business” itch. I realized that the women who were shopping my fashion boutique Lilac & Lilies weren’t just trendy and well-dressed fashionistas.
These women balanced an equally sophisticated head on their designer heels. For them, style was just one of many creative expressions in their everyday arsenal. They were leaders too in their own right – Women to Watch!
Every week, I meet amazing women doing amazing things in their community, at work and in the home. The fabric of their identities is so intriguing and inspiring that it led me to ponder… how I can connect these women beyond the clothes on their back and an affinity for black.
My intuition, which has served me well as a boot strapping woman entrepreneur, told me that I could unite these amazing women online by creating a free and universal platform for them to hangout, share stories, discover music, learn new things and feel inspired!
It was within this spark of enlightenment that this BLOG was born. My dream is to create a fun and creative community where like-minded women around the world team up to take center stage. As an entrepreneur mentor who learned many lessons the hard way, I want to share my personal and professional trials and tribulations with other woman while I learn from their individual journeys and perseverance. I want to give back while paying it forward with knowledge, encouragement and inspiration and showcase incredible people who are redefining roles and doing amazing things.
This blog represents a new frontier in fashion and I truly hope you join me on this incredible journey!




Who can conquer the Apple Watch? Pebble, Sony, Microsoft, Casio, and Tag Heuer all have new editions planned or recent editions released as responses to the Apple Watch. But there is one company that could make a truly compelling competitor to the Apple Watch. The company best positioned for combat with Apple is AMAZON! The online-store has released a failed smartphone which may have tainted it’s appetite for the mobile space but the company has also released an incredible new offering that is getting rave reviews from the only people that really matter: it’ USERS!
The Amazon Echo is essentially a bluetooth speaker that is tied to a smart-virtual assistant. Think Siri-for your house. You can ask it questions, order it to compile lists, ask it to read the news- etc. When it was announced, the world of tech journalists collectively chuckled! They laughed at Amazon’s echo as if the company spray-painted a pringles can and put it on the market. It was the products early adopters that proved how useful the echo could be. Now you can order echo to turn on your home’s lights and it seems poised to become the living embodiment of IRON MAN’s Jarvis!

Despite it’s potential, Echo has one limitation, the speaker is stationary. You must be in the same room as JARVIS (I mean Echo) to use it. You can’t use it in other rooms without carrying around a Remote Control that sinks with Echo (which is clearly not an elegant solution). There are no satellite speakers for use in other rooms and once you leave your house Echo doesn’t exist. But what if Amazon released a smartwatch with a simple app that allowed you to interface with JARVIS- (I mean Echo) in other rooms or even away from home. A Wifi-enabled smartwatch seems like an obvious solution. Rumors have suggested for a long-time that Amazon wanted to release a free iphone competitor or something close to free that could be offered with Prime Memberships. A Free phone was never realized but at less than a quarter of the size, and only $83.70 to make, the Apple Watch or hopefully AMAZON WATCH could be cheaper to manufacture and bundle with prime memberships than the FIRE TABLET (currently offered with Prime Memberships). Most importantly, Echo would go everywhere it’s users go, giving Amazon the kind of access you would need to a user’s life to build the world’s first truly brilliant- smart assistant (JARVIS).


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Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders were finally alone in their last debate before the New Hampshire Primary. The removal of former Governor Martin O’malley proved to be surprisingly impactful as the two hopefuls sparred in the best political match of the season. The event hosted by MSNBC stars Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow was undoubtedly the best of innumerable debates on a multitude of channels. There were no attempts at mockery in this debate and no allusions to the marital status of any other candidates, instead the two politicians engaged in substantive exchanges aimed squarely at the nation’s most pressing issues. Emerging from the debate were fewer distinctions in values and instead a display of the Democratic Party’s struggle between pragmatism and idealism. Hillary Clinton emphasized that she is a battle tested acolyte and a known quantity. Voters, she humorously quipped know just about everything there is to know about her life. Clinton argued with Sanders that she too is a believer in Universal Healthcare but her idealism has been tempered by the political realities of her decades long struggle with America’s most powerful political interests. Sanders positioned himself as the unapologetic advocate for the truest aims of the Democratic base and the ideals of the Great Society. Sanders painted himself as untarnished by Wall-street’s bribery and Clinton struggled to explain how she was not left compromised by her acceptance of speaking fees that soared above a half-a million dollars per hour of speaking. Sanders scored significantly in the domestic discussion, nestled comfortably in his wheel-house as he continued to promote campaign finance reform, wrenching the big banks apart to prevent another “Too Big To Fail” crisis, Universal Healthcare and even his most controversial Free College movement. Sanders was summarily dismissed from the stage once the conversation turned to Foreign Policy which has become the sole dominion of Hillary Clinton. Sanders was visibly out of his element when discussing world affairs and Clinton made her most impressive rational for her candidacy which stands firmly on her level of expertise.

The debate was notable for the sharp tonal edge of what Clinton herself described as a “Vigorous Agreement”. Sanders successfully portrayed Clinton as the spouse of Wall Street while Clinton successfully portrayed herself as the pragmatic advocate of incremental progress. Clinton suggested that she represents competent administration and a plausible means to progressive ends. The debate landed squarely on Sanders as representative of democratic idealism and Clinton effectively arguing that Sanders is well intention-ed but delusional regarding the likelihood of his success.

The New Hampshire Debate was quite simply, spectacular. Who Won the exchange depends simply on the weight one gives toward the Heart or the Head, the Ego versus the Super-Ego and Idealism tempered by Pragmatism.