You Should Know About Wanna Collection


Jewelry Line Intertwined as One-of-a-Kind Wearable Art 

There are only a few things that can stop a woman on a mission; shoes, puppies, or a handsome man, but aside from those distractions, once she makes up her mind there’s no stopping her. The always-chic Sinem Akin along with designer and friend, Inci Denizel, combined their design forces with a plan to take over the jewelry world.

Sinem and Inci are two entrepreneurs who made it their mission to do whatever it takes to grow their brand globally and not let anything get in their way. Sinem is a self-assessed expert at balancing work and family, she remarks, “When I was pregnant, I thought God did not create women just to give birth to children, and I wanted to give birth to new designs and creations.” Sinem did just that when she opened her first store in Turkey and launched the Wanna Collection full-force.


 The design-duo brought an extraordinary jewelry collection to life after they got inspired by the natural elements of the Eastern and Western cultures they lived in. Depending on who you ask, jewelry can essentially be viewed as wearable art. It is also an intricate and creative process and can be expressed in a variety of ways depending on the artist and audience. Regardless of whether it’s a sculpture, painting, dress or jewelry it requires passion, heart, and most importantly boldness. Sinem Akin and Inci Denizel know a thing or two about designing from the heart. The design-duo pull inspiration for their collection by infusing their heart and soul into each elaborate detail.


The personalized collection does a great job of illustrating a contrast of their past and present experiences. Born and raised is a small Turkish town, designer Sinem Akin had an instinctive ability to foresee future trends. “I have always been passionate about design and fashion,” Sinem adds. Shortly after the launch, the line of distinctive jewelry rose to success and expanded exponentially. Her design partner, Inci Denizel, currently resides in Turkey and remains an integral part of the brand. The designers don’t allow their distance to stop them from taking over the jewelry world, but view it rather as its aid. Inci is a prominent face in the design industry and frequents various fashion and trade shows throughout Europe. In fact, she was awarded The Jewelry Designer of the Year award in Turkey in 2011. Inci likes working with components of her environment to add a personal touch to each of her intrinsically designed items.


The Wanna Collection is designed to speak to today’s fashion savvy working-woman with a compelling taste for sophistication. The newest line is heavily inspired by Canadian nature, which is apparent with the use of Maple leaves in some of the designs. It mixes style with natural elements, such as gold- and silver-plated brass, semi-precious stones, 100% leather and Swarovski crystals, into a unique design blend to create custom and versatile pieces. Whether fancy or casual, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like fabulous jewelry.

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