YOUR WORDS, NOT MINE: MSNBC Host’s Rhetoric Questionable

Editor's Journal, News


In an odd segment of HARDBALL, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked “Who wants to watch a debate with the two cubans (Cruz and Rubio)” when responding to news that Donald Trump was threatening to pull out of the next Fox News Debate, scheduled for Thursday 1/28/16. The segment was noticeable as Mathews, who has been accused of disrespecting prominent women in the past, also seemed to bull-doze a female colleague reporting live from a Donald Trump Rally. The host repeatedly spoke over the reporter, cutting her off at various points. Mathews went on to use what could be deemed an offensive term when referring to Presidential Contender Ted Cruz and his closest senatorial colleague, Mike Lee. Matthews referred to Lee as Ted Cruz’s Sancho Panza (the name of the squire and help meet in Don Quixote). The hosts interviewee retorted to Mathews “those are your words, not mine”. Why, Mathews chose to use repeatedly ethnic references when speaking of Cruz is up to individual interpretation. 

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