Trustworthy: Jorg Gray

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Jorg Gray is a watchmaker that has garnered recent attention for its Presidential Collection of watches which have become popular as the preferred time­piece of President Obama and his Secret Service detail. Upon receiving the JG6500­83, the President’s reason for choosing this watch were apparent. The JG­6500 is a simply gorgeous work of art with Japanese Chronograph movements, aviator styled embellishments, a sapphire crystal lens, stainless steel casing and an Italian crocodile leather strap. The Jorg Gray 6500 commands a stately presence while offering silent reassurance of it’s durability. The Rose Gold variant of the watch would make an excellent compliment to any suit at a state affair and stand firm under rugged conditions. As a reviewer, there is an obvious elephant in the room whenever a traditional watch is discussed. The Jorg Gray is obviously a luxury watch but some believe that we live in the era of the smart­watch. Consumers would not be faulted for comparing any watch to their favorite smart­watch brand. Smart­watches offer alerts and notifications. You can take calls, start cars, open hotel room doors and summon uber on smart­watches so why should consumers want a watch that “Only” tells the time? Some watch makers have expressed fear and trepidation at the comparison between smart­watches and “real watches”. The Jorg Gray 6500 has convinced me that watchmakers like Jorg Gray have very little to worry about. From the moment I was presented with the Jorg Gray, I instantly remembered why there is no comparison between smartwatches and “Real Watches”. I recall fellow reviewers gushing over the plain white box their Apple Watches arrived in but when I received my Bi­Fold case for the JG 6500, I remembered what truly elegant packaging was all about. The black case is accented with silver trim and it opens with a slight bit of resistance, communicating that it’s contents were meant to be guarded. Once opened, the case (it is inadequate to call it a box) reveals the watch in all of its glory.The watch is presented like a fine piece of jewelery and it immediately dawned on me that this watch was of an heirloom quality. The crocodile leather band is stunning and caught my eye immediately. When I held the watch for the first time, I was impressed by the perfectly balanced heft of the device. The watch face measures 41mm and it’s thickness is 13.6mm. The watch feels sturdy but not heavy. At first, the watch feels substantial but eventually it’s heft seems to evaporate. The device fades into the wrist becoming the unobtrusive presence that watches should be for serious consumers. The watch boasts many of the tricks demanded by modernity but it shines as an elegant, understated example of timeless craftsmanship. The Rose Gold­J6500­83 has a transparent undercarriage that offers its owner a peek into the watch’s internal engineering and the sight is admittedly glorious. In the two weeks I spent with the JG 6500­83, I have once again fallen in love with the beauty of a watch. A great watch does not draw attention to itself. It doesn’t buzz and vibrate with busy notifications or flash like a neon sign on the Las Vegas strip. In comparing smartwatches to this “real watch” it became apparent to me that all of those “features” in certain settings become gaudy, intrusive and in­elegant. A “Real Watch’s” beauty is reserved for those that the wearer brings in closely. It is a finer­detail or a punctuation point for a wardrobe. It is versatile and equally appropriate for meetings or social gatherings. For those I allowed to see the watch, it provokes an audible “Wow” but for those I choose to keep at bay, it never begs for attention. The essence of luxury is choice­­­a choice in where I can wear the device, a choice in how many outfits it can compliment and a choice in whom I allow into my personal space to enjoy it with me. The comparison between smart­watches and luxury watches is so inappropriate that it borders on the grotesque. The simple difference is in quality. It is in the way that one feels when this masculine, expertly crafted time piece serves as an accent that completes your presentation in personal and professional settings. Smartwatches have their place, in gyms and other functions but they cannot be compared to watches like the JG 6500, Presidential Timepiece. Why should consumers settle for smartwatches that appear reminiscent of “real watches” when they could simply obtain a “real watch”? I highly recommend the JG 6500­83 as a Worthy Purchase and at $895 it is an affordable luxury Worthy of the World’s Leader.

– Andre Samuels

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