Five Financial New Years Resolutions

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With a new year comes a new opportunity to start fresh and begin 2016 on the right foot. Many people chose to make a new year’s resolution which may include eating healthy, losing weight, etc. But what about another habit that will benefit us all in the long run?: Planning for the financial future.

We sat down with Joe Eppy, Founder and President of The Eppy Group, a leading financial financial firm committed to protecting their clients and community and he shed light on some Financial New Years Resolutions we should all be adding to our list!

Set Measurable Goals. Set specific goals with measurable results. Instead of saying I want to save money or pay of debt, say I want to save $5000 this year or I want to pay off 80% of my debt.

Budget. To be able to better manage your finances you need to plan ahead. Don’t spend more than what you make and most importantly, remember to save. There are several apps that can help you stick within your monthly budget to keep your finances on track.

Review Your Credit. You get one free credit report per year and the best part is you don’t have to pull all three credit bureaus at the same time. Unless you are making a big purchase such as a home or car, you can spread it out throughout the year to monitor any changes.

Monthly self-evalutation. Sit down at the end of each month and go over bank / credit card statements. Look for areas of improvement, and also measure success on meeting goals.

Educate Yourself. Select and meet with a financial advisor you trust. Many people feel they don’t make enough to have a financial advisor, that is simply not true and the value they bring to the table will exponentially benefit your long term game plan. Googling and reading blogs just simply doesn’t cut it when you’re financial future is at stake.

There are a lot of things in life you can’t control. Luckily, your finances doesn’t need to be one of them. Set some goals, write them and make 2016 the best year yet!

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