Trustworthy: Erimish Bracelet Bar

Editor's Journal

We love to spotlight designers and products that are all about being effortlessly beautiful and useful. So we are pretty excited to share our love for Erimish. Erimish Bracelet Bar launched earlier this year to provide women of all ages a unique and refreshing way of styling their jewelry. The affordable stackable bracelets are made to mix-and-match to create everything from Bohemian to sophisticated looks.

The concept behind the bracelet bar began in Erimish’s own boutique. The sisters wanted to give customers the opportunity to create their own stacks as a unique reflection of the person wearing them. With over 1000 different styles of bracelets, there are endless possibilities.

Each bracelet is inspired by everyday life, whether it be the clothing you wear or the places you traveled to this past summer, the people you’ve met or memories you’ve made.

“There’s no one set place that we go to for inspiration,” says co-founder Misha Wilson. “We could see a color combination, just walking down the street, and then get inspired to create a whole new collection,” sister Ericka Hamilton explains.

Materials are brought in from all over the world to create these beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelets. Both synthetic and natural stones are used to help create a clean and classic look with a bold and daring edge. Natural stones include Agate, Druzy, Amazonite, Pyrite and Moonstone, while the synthetic styles include a mix of Gold Vermeil pieces and Czech crystal. Although the stones come from all over, the bracelets themselves are made in India, China or the United States, depending on the materials being used.

The beauty of Erimish’s bracelets is that they are timeless and unique. No matter what age, all women will have the ability to mix-and-match their stacks to match their own personal style. Mom’s can choose a bracelet to represent each child; teenagers can get one for each friend; wear a different stack for every holiday; the possibilities are endless.


Get to know Erimish

1.  What is the dynamic like between two sisters owning a business?
Well as you can imagine, siblings working together..LOL WE actual work well together. Ericka is more bling and Misha is more Matte…if that makes sense? We are both very versatile. We can hang with the guys and we can glam it up! 
2.  What is your favorite piece (or stack) from the collection?
Misha-My favorite stack is by far the Harlow Stack! I have a few new favorites coming out in spring 2016 but I can’t name them yet.
Ericka-My fave is Winter
3.  How would you dress it up?  How would you dress it down?
Harlow and Winter both are perfect with jeans and a tee or a nice dress. The thing is, our stacks are so versatile. WE add in the ribbon pieces for the boho flair for a jeans and tee kinda day and then they can be taken out, so you can dress them up and the more sophisticated pieces can be worn alone.
5.  If you could have any celebrity wear your pieces, who would it be?  Who is the perfect representation the Erimish look?
Jessica Biel- She is so fun. She can be one of the boys but she can also let her feminine side show! 
6.  If you could give yourselves one piece of advice before starting the line, what would it be?
Don’t take the no’s hard and know there will be a zillion knows before there are yes’s.


Erimish just recently launched their sixth and latest collection for the winter season, adding to the spring/summer, fall, resort, game-day and kids collections. Current pieces are available for purchase in select boutiques or their online store at

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