I Am Worthy: Jaafar

J Resize

If we had to describe Jaafar’s sound, we would say that it is the perfect marriage between middle eastern and western pop music.

Like most artists, Jaafar draws musical inspiration from his upbringing.

“I grew up listening to rock and roll and middle eastern music. I am also inspired by the Heartbreakers, Sting and The Beatles.

Jaafar captured our ears with his hit single Sixteen. Like most great songs, the single is an eye-opening narrative that captures the sentiments of people living in a war torn area and opens the eyes and ears of listeners who may not about such turmoil.

“Sixteen is a good indicator of the over all sound of my album. There is a middle eastern presence with a fusion of pop,” Jaafar said. “I love that video is like the song, simple and to the point.”