I Am Worthy: Jill Connors


The latest lady of medicine to join the cast of Bravo’s Married to Medicine sat down and spoke with Worthy Magazine to discuss confidence and balance. Jill Connors who is married to John Connors is a force to be reckoned with. Jill is a double Ivy League (Dartmouth and Harvard) lawyer who helps her husband run their private practice.

This power couple has been taking the social scene in the south by storm becoming know for their philanthropic and highly-buzzed about soirees supporting causes like  Atlanta’s Victim’s Assistance, Children’s  Healthcare of Atlanta and being the founders of their non-profit organization Emergence Surgical Gifts Inc, to name a few.

5 Words to describe Jill?

“Energetic, ditzy blonde, highly-educated, creative and nurturing.”

Unknown facts about Jill?

“I met my husband on an airplane. We say it was fate. It was a small plane and no one sat next to each other. There was this woman walking down the isle. She looked at me and looked at him and she took another seat. I was in college and he was resident.


December 19th. I am a Sagittarius. I am obsessed with stars. I love to sit outside

and watch the shooting stars. I love nature. A lot of people don’t know that.


“I am worthy because ____”

“I am worthy because I am a highly educated woman with three kids and I am able to support my husband at work, at home as well as raise my three boys and keeplife fun.”



“Men have to work at work. I have a job. I  manage the practice. I manage the house and maintain balance. I always have chaos in my life.  I think I thrive on that”



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