Lila Nikole Surviving Swim Week

Lila Nikole Collection will be debuting their newest line, La Flor, at this year’s SWIMMIAMI on Sunday, July 16. Filled with original prints of floral motifs and an array of bright, tropical colors allows her line to indulge a range of consumers.
Lila Nikole is a quickly-rising-to-the-top swimwear brand that incorporates Lila’s Latin heritage, South Florida roots and love of music into all her beautiful designs. Past collections have been featured on CNN Espanol, Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary swim issue, Fashion TV, Elle, OK!, The Source, and more. Lila shares her exclusive top 5 secrets on how to survive Fashion Week Swim this year:

“First and foremost, keep yourself and your skin HYDRATED. Miami’s heat is as real as Karl Lagerfeld’s love for Cara Delevingne and it is important to remember to have water at the ready. Cointreau will be at the Lila Nikole Show providing refreshing spritzers for invited guests as well!
Secondly, keeping your ducks in a row is key. For every minute spent organizing is an hour earned according to Lila. Having calendar reminders set on your phone can be helpful and carrying digital copies of the lineup as a precaution is just smart sense.
Thirdly, Lila knows how to dress for the elements. Layers and layers are helpful because depending on the venue, it can be ice cold or have a slight chill and my designs are my first priority, not my comfort.
Fourth, statement flats are always better than stilettos at Fashion Swim Week. A twisted ankle and being unable to focus on my collection isn’t worth having some extra lift. Nowadays, cute flats are everywhere and can just as easily dress up a look.
Finally, the vital tip I never forget is a creamy concealer. Creating a beautifully procured line and having every look paired with a model and styled to runway expectations takes time and more time. I wouldn’t expect any designer to come out of it feeling well-rested and calm, but that doesn’t mean designers can’t look it. “

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