Trina for Body of Royalty

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

Body of Royalty I am Worthy from Worthy Magazine on Vimeo.

Confident, provactive and royal, insert Miami’s own queen of rap here, Trina has signed on to be the face of Body of Royalty’s mink lashes. Bringing life to the brands alluring mantra for their luxury products: “Be confident. Be provactive. Be royalty.

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

“We just felt like Trina embodied what our brand represents. She is glamourous but she is also raw. She represents Body of Royalty very well,” Jermelle Pitts told Worthy Magazine.

Body of Royalty embodies so much more than luxurious mink lashes. The hands-on duo are also responsible for creating signature lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows and mascara. Bold palettes and eye-catching colors reaffirm the brands intentions to conjure up the inner queens in all women.”

“We come from very strong women, we have strong sisters and we really wanted to create something that reflects that strength and confidence,” Pitts said.

“We refer to our customers as “Beauty Queens.” We want everyone to feel like royalty, Joseph Chargois said.

Confidence according to Trina

I think that true confidence is all about how you carry yourself, Trina said. “Edgy makeup and getting dressed up really allows that inner confidence and sexiness to just ooze out.”

When asked about what stood out to her about the brand Trina was true to her tell like it is form.

“I love whimsical and over the top lashes. I am actually a bottom lash fanatic and I just feel like the lashes are so luxurious and whispy.”

For more information on Body of Royalty visit here

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