Taste-Worthy SOBEWFF Edition


sobe v2


The South Beach Food and Wine Festival has gone just as quickly as it came to Miami and to be honest our tastebuds are still in a daze. So what stood out to us?


Barilla interactive lunch:

Guests waited in the courtyard at The Biltmore’s country club while enjoying a glass of  Entwine’s chardonay.  After being ushered upstairs into the country club’s ballroom, guests were greeted by a sea of round tables with simple plate settings. The twist was that there was a small cooking station at every table and a chef standing next to each station.  As the guests took their seats, the term interactive lunch began to take on more of a literal meaning. Guests were given step-by-step instruction for two courses and were rewarded with a sweet and savory dessert.

For the first course Barilla Campanelle

Our EIC had the awesome opportunity to preppare the second course. However, it should be noted that the chefs took care of the prepparation for the guests.  Essentially ticket holders merely sauteed their delicous entrees.


New Product Alert:

One of the rewards of attending such a distinguished event is the privalege of walking away with an idea of the next culinary trend. While there were quite a few innovative recipies and spices that captured our attention, Barilla captured our attention and heart with their latest product Pronto Pasta. The new item is the perfect key ingredient for anyone who is on the go but still interested in having a healthy meal. Pronto Pasta can be preppared in the same pot as the intended ingredients for your pasta. For an editor on the go, this is a dream come true. No waiting for the water to boil and no draining required.


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