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Beyonce, Katie Holmes are just a few of the big name fans of the latest jewelry inspired temporary tattoos taking the fashion world by storm. Flash tattoos saturated the fashion world this past season catching our eye at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and New York Fashion Week. Naturally when the opportunity presented itself to pick the brain of the mastermind behind the national trend we seized it.


Flash Tattoos was founded in July 2013 in Austin, Texas by designer and creative director Miranda Burnet. Miranda’s affinity for bold jewelry and accessories was the driving force behind Flash Tattoos. “I wanted to put a fun spin on couture jewelry, to create a captivating ‘line’ that was not only beautiful but also fun and affordable.” While the designs undoubtedly look great on the skin, Burnet says the beauty is enhanced by the temporary nature of the tattoos. “Each is fleeting, ephemeral – to be gazed upon and enjoyed in the now, before it is gone. Of course, once it is gone, you can always just apply another one!”

The majority of the collections are named according to the mood and style of the designs. Others are inspired by travel or inspirational people. For example, the Sofia collection was inspired after a visit to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

In terms of how they stand out from other products, Flash Tattoos is not only the original maker of affordable metallic temporary tattoos, but the brand is also responsible for launching the metallic tattoo trend. A combination of innovative thinking, top quality materials, and a modern design aesthetic (featured within our 11 Flash Tattoo collections) have made it an immensely popular item amongst celebrities (Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens, Brooke Burke), stylists, editors, bloggers and fashionistas everywhere. They’re a huge hit with the beach and surfing crowds of Hawaii, Australia, California and Florida, as well as with customers living in more land-locked regions around the globe.



What is your personal favorite out of all of the tattoos?
It’s impossible to choose – depending on my mood, I will wear different collections. My favorite is constantly rotating!

How do you feel about the reception so far?
It’s very exciting and an amazing feeling – almost a bit surreal! We are incredibly grateful for all the love and support from all the Flashionistas who love wearing and sharing the news about our product.

What is your definition of real beauty
Real beauty comes from within – it’s confidence, happiness, loving and being loved. Of course, a little Flash Tattoo here and there only accentuates that happy inner glow!



Dilcia’s Haircare Tips for 2015

News, Worthy TV

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Perched in the pulse of Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood Florida is a hair care gem that has been my home since my sophomore year of high school. The owner who’s name is on the moniker, Dilcia, plays the role of caring mother to all of her clients.

“There is a difference between hairstyles and haircare,” she said with sincerity.

One step into Dilcia’s Haircare Salon and you are met with something that surpasses a polished image. You are greeted by a space that is packed with culture and heritage.

“Lia, make sure you get pictures of the dolls. Those are very important,” Dilcia warned with a mother-like authority in her voice. “Do you want to know why she doesn’t have a face, Lia?”


I watch her closely and nod my head as she begins to speak.

“It’s because the women in the Dominican Republic are so diverse. Everyone looks different.”  The diverse faceless clay dolls are placed through out the product wall behind Dilcia’s welcome desk in her salon.

“There are a lot of hairstylists who are willing to just style your hair and send you out. But that isn’t what we do here,” Yovanna Aguasvivas (which translates to ‘living water’) chimed in. “We want to make your hair healthy. We deal with clients who have lost their hair due to extensions or getting their hair over-relaxed. So hair care is a must for us. Our motto is that this (hair salon) is an arsenal that belongs to the clients.”

Much like the dolls that fill Dilcia’s salon, her clients are all very diverse.

“ We treat every client like family and we work will all kinds of hair: natural, relaxed everything.  We have had clients for 20 years.”

So with such a loyal customer base, the mother-daughter-duo wanted to share a few pieces of advice about haircare with Worthy readers.



Dilcia’s Hair Care Insta from Worthy Magazine on Vimeo.

1. Know your stylist

“There are three different types of stylists: The ones who only do your hair for money, the ones who do hairstyles and don’t treat your hair and stylists who do hair care. A stylists who practices hair care will keep your hair trimmed regularly, offer deep conditioning treatments as well as protein treatments on a consistent basis,” according to Yovanna.


2. It’s all about energy and it all takes time

“Your hair is like a plant it has energy and it takes time to heal and rebuild.”


3. Trends are ok but haircare comes first

“While you are keeping up with the joneses, you have to make sure that you are treating your hair in-between the coloring and extensions.”