Worthy Feature Jennifer Lee Segale of Garden Apothecary



In preparation for our upcoming issue, which is the beauty issue, we figured we would sit down with some amazing entrepreneurs from here to California to talk about the latest in trust-worthy luxury skin care. Up first is the founder of Garden Apothecary. Jennifer Lee Segale offers organic and handmade products for the most indulgent body care regiment. We got a chance to speak with the the lady with the chic green thumb who also has a background in botany and all we have to say is what a worthy woman and business feature.  One look at her organic skin care treats and we promise we think you will fall in love. We have our eye on a few of her products.


Please tell me more about Garden Apothecary what separates you from other organic products that are out there?

My professional background in botany makes Garden Apothecary stand tall above other organic bath and beauty products. We not only create unique, organic products – but we use whole botanicals from sustainable farms, as well as herbs that we grow. For example, our Vanilla + Balsam sugar scrub contains an entire vanilla bean (Vanilla plantifolia) in the jar. You are not just getting fragrance from essential oils, you are getting the healing properties from the botanicals within the product.What prompted you to create your own products?

Our skin is our largest organ, and I wanted to create a line that honored my relationship with plants, while making sure it was healthy for my body.

Could you discuss your botany background a little more?

My botany work started out with dry-farming on the California coast. From there I worked with florals and started a landscape design company (that I still run today, Wildflower Farms). Most recently I’ve developed a complete obsession with cacao and a few other Central American grown plants. For the past 4 or so years I’ve been traveling down to Belize about twice a year and studying them with local farmers, herbalists and bush-medicine healers. I also study vanilla, cardamom and California natives. Thought the landscaping business, I cultivate heirlooms and organic succulents, herbs and perennials like lavender and roses.
What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome so far?



What is your favorite product?
My favorite product is our Lime Peel + Neroli flower perfume. It’s a roll-on and super convenient to travel with. The scent is spicy and very heavy on the citrus. If I’m feeling claustrophobic or anxious, I put some on my wrists. Our Peppermint Face + Body mist works the same way and is great to toss in your purse if you have along day of driving ahead of you.


How long does it take for you to make a single product?
Every product is different so I can’t give one time amount. We make everything by hand and in small batches (rarely more then 50 at a time).

How many people do you oversee and how do you keep balanced?
Between my landscape design company and Garden Apothecary (online and in our shop in Half Moon Bay, Ca), I’m working with a lot of people – and I’m not a “people person.”-  I keep everything flowing with a ton of detailed communication and I try to anticipate the needs of my employees. Wine also helps.
We ask every feature to finish this sentence: “I am worthy because ______.”

I am worthy because… I think I would just have to adjust the sentence to, “I aworthy”. No justification needed.


Where would you like to see your brand in the next few years.

Of course I’d love to see an increase in sales and an abundant company – but mainly, I   want to see people get nourished, grounded and connect with my products. It’s fun to watch people light up at seeing the real plants in each of our lovely products.

            What advice would you give to someone pursuing their dreams? What     would your call to action be?
Get to know your subject. If you are pursuing your dreams, be sure to observe and study your desired subject inside and out, really connect and ground into what you are doing… The rest will fall into place. My old horticulture professor had a sign in his office that read, Study Nature Not Books. That was my call to action over 14 years ago.

All images are courtesy of Blink PR.

Make sure you check out the site and if you try any of the products let us know your thoughts and tell us if you think they are #Worthyapproved


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