Apple, the innovator of the iPhone is set to announce the latest iteration of it’s miraculous device- the iPhone 6, on September 9. The rumor mill says that Apple MAY also introduce its upcoming smartwatch as well. True to form Samsung is racing to the finish line to release its…..5th smartwatch five days earlier, on September 4th. The Gear Solo will be Samsung’s most useful watch and it may incorporate many of the features that tech enthusiasts are hoping to see in Apple’s device.

The Gear Solo is rumored to be a fully functioning cell phone, wrapped around your wrist. It is difficult to predict how the tech world will receive the device as many were skeptical of the idea of a full phone on the wrist, when Samsung announced it’s development. However, as Apple’s device approaches the Internet has been buzzing about the possibilities. As the conceptual uses for a truly “smart” watch excite the blogging masses, Samsung’s watch/phone may find a warmer welcome.

It is worth noting that the rumored Samsung device is much more like the Apple device we’ve predicted in the pages of Worthy Magazine. If Samsung wants to ensure success, it should include a stylish bluetooth ear bud for call privacy, an NFC chip for cashless shopping and they should find a way to allow developers of home automation devices to use the Gear Solo as a proximity operated remote control for their devices. Despite the clumsy fashion Samsung has developed it’s smartwatches, they could still stumble into a compelling device that competes with the speculative concepts of Apple’s iWatch.

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