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The most conventional concept for the iWatch

The most conventional concept for the iWatch

The iWatch is coming but what will you do with it and how will it change your life. The current crop of smart-watches have been slammed for their lack of functionality. Most simply relay notifications from your phone, displaying email notifications and texts. We believe that the iWatch will do soo much more!

It is worth pointing out that we made a series of predictions that went against the conventional wisdom of the tech community, in the print edition of Worthy, and thus far our prognostications are proving to be spot on.

Disney World Uses Magic Bands for Access to Hotel Rooms, Payment at Restaurants and Even As Tickets for Park Admission

Disney World Uses Magic Bands for Access to Hotel Rooms, Payment at Restaurants and Even As Tickets for Park Admission

How will you use the iWatch? We think it is going to revolutionize your life. In this admittedly lengthy post, we’d like to explain how we think it will change the way you live. We believe that Apple wants to duplicate the Magic Bands of Disney World which act as your room key, your e-wallet at restaurants, & your admission tickets. Read  more about our truly WORTHY iWATCH!



We Believe Apple is Readying A Dizzying Array of it's own Magic Bands

We Believe Apple is Readying A Dizzying Array of it’s own Magic Bands

Apple Wants to Turn the whole world into Disneyland! The iWatch will have many of the same functions as Magic Bands, granting access to homes, activating your car, & payment at stores will occur via iWatch.We imagine a curved band that utilizes much of the curved surface for displaying websites music & media.


magic band paying

You will never need to carry your wallet, cash or credit cards again. The iWatch will  enable a universal payment system, that will revolutionize the way you shop. Imagine never waiting in lines at a checkout counter! Further proving our supositions, reports surfaced this week that Apple will indeed focus the iPhone 6 on electronic bill payments as an e-wallet.



Smart programs will deliver contextually relevant information to your watch and provide you with options to act on. Using technologies like iBeacon, important information will come to your wrist and present you with options. When your shopping, instead of searching for price tags or tacky clearance signs, the price of an object will flash on your wrist when you pick it up. You will buy without standing in line. Video billboards will recognize your iWatch and display ads based on your interests and buying history, as in the movie Minority Report. Imagine a smart program that considers your recent social media posts, like a recent engagement and alerts you to a nearby sample sale for wedding dresses while your out shopping. Confusing buildings like hospitals, might house internal smart programs that make navigating their confusing wings easier. Smart boards will recognize your watch and the destination you indicated at their checkin counter- as “turn here” directions flash on your wrist or on video boards helping you locate the wing you seek. In museums, the watch might enhance artistic viewing by playing informative audio linked to the paintings you are viewing as soon as you come near. In restaurants, you might order via iWatch. Through the iWatch, useful information will stream to your wrist and interact with other devices. The possibilities are endless.



Proximity sensors will activate your home devices when you’re near. Doors will open automatically. In your home, lights will turn on automatically when you enter a room, and dim when you exit. Your tv will turn on when you plop on your couch. You’ll change channels by swiping your wrist. When your lasagna is done, you will turn the oven off with a tap of your wrist. If any of this sounds far fetched, you should understand that all of this is possible now. Home automation devices using your iphone are anything but new. But, form facilitates function and a watch is more convenient then clutching your phone like a remote, as you traverse from room to room. The iWatch will combine apps with proximity sensors to magically activate technology when you approach. The iWatch will become the universal remote you never put down.

FITNESS: The Time of Your Life

iwatch likely

In our print edition we suggested that the iWatch will show you “THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE”. Shortly after, Apple patents showed that the company is leaning towards, iTime instead of iWatch. This may be because the iWatch will be packed with sensors tracking every conceivable metric of your life. Sleep times, blood sugar, sweat, body temp, and exercise data will stream to Apple’s Health Kit app. With the iWatch, long distance personal trainers will follow your workout in real time, pushing you when necessary. Your workouts will be logged without any effort on your part. The weights you used, run times and calories burned will be logged. The info will go to trusted partners. You may get insurance discounts for confirmed daily workouts and your doctor adds the metrics data to your med file.

When we began to imagine the iWatch, we based our ideas on developments within Apple Inc. We assessed new software releases, like Healthfit, and tech like iBeacon which is designed for stores to push information wirelessly to IOS devices. We considered  their move to partner with automakers and design their console displays. We considered the evolution of mobile tech and where developments were likely to lead. This week, approved patents for apple confirmed many of our suspicions. Apple’s new device will in-fact be chocked full of sensors. Patents suggest it will create a “personal wireless environment” that interacts with iPod, iPads and iPhones. Accelerometers, GPS and haptic sensors will round out the devices functionality.


Apple has always been a company that eclipses the competition by imagining new uses for existing technology. It is the form, style and ease of use that makes Apple’s devices magical. If we combine Apple’s ecosystem, broad app support and penchant for creativity, the iWatch we’ve reported is the inevitable device that results. It becomes obvious that Apple intends to turn the whole world into Disney Land-and the iWatch will be Apple’s Magic Band!

iwatch pattent

Apple’s Pattent Included this artwork of a possible device. It hosts a removable media player at it’s center

But, we will have to wait and see!

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