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One of my favorite quotes is “Creativity is the highest form of intelligence.” Needless to say my regard toward talent is similar to divine admiration. But life wields an unexpected and powerful twist to all things, and life’s unique command on talent dictates that talent is nothing without a solid work ethic. Some of the most successful people I know in their respective fields will admit without hesitation that they may not have been the best in their field but they were willing to work the hardest despite being underestimated and counted out.

In this issue you will be reading about talented people who aren’t afraid to work hard. It is an honor to be able to interview them. I can honestly say that each interview inspired me and reassured me that I should keep pursuing my dreams.

I had an unexpected moment of joy when I realized that two of my feature interviews I discovered in my favorite magazine of all time, Suede Magazine. I remember being in shock when I saw a ballerina who looked like me. I remember thinking it was so cool to read about successful talented people like Marcus Samuelsson who was being profiled in that issue as well. I found myself speechless when I realized how beautifully congruent life can be.

The overall lesson I walked away with is that nothing can confine your ability to succeed except your choices. Our featured interview with Misty Copeland illustrates that perfectly. The ballerina was well past the traditional age to start ballet. However, after one advance class she was willing to work just as hard as anyone else. So hopefully this issue will show you that the most crucial key to success is a sound work ethic. And once you accept that anything is possible. Be inspired.

Ju’lia Samuels


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