We Love Drake’s Worst Behavior

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drake worst behavior

Drake dropped the music video for “Worst Behavior”  Monday morning. The song is the latest cut off of Drake’s current album “Nothing Was The Same”  the visuals star Drake’s father, along with appearances by Juicy J and Project Pat. The ten-minute video is broken up by an extended comedy skit featuring Drake’s friend/weed-carriers Ryan Silverstein and “OB” O’Brien before returning to shots of Drake with his crew and dance scenes. Drake is currently in the midst of his international tour “Would You Like A Tour?” to promote “Nothing Was The Same.”

We love it. How do you feel about it?

Three Reasons We Love Kerry Washington On Lucky

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We have noticed that people have had a lot to say about Kerry Washington’s latest cover. While the general consensus is that this is not her strongest cover, we love the statement that the cover makes and that alone makes it beautiful to us.  So we compiled three reasons as to why the public should not be so quick as to file this cover away in the “hated it” category.

It’s Different

Most covers and editorials capture just the beauty of Kerry. We have to applaud Lucky for capturing her quirky, vibrant and equally beautiful personality. We seldom see too many editorials that don’t photograph as her the elegant sex kitten. We love Kerry and Lucky for giving us something fresh.

Natural Beauty

Kerry is holding down the cover with what appears to be her own hair with no help from long, curled and tousled tresses. Most cover girls of all ethnic backgrounds have a little help from extensions. It says a lot about the actress’s natural beauty to be on the cover of a magazine rocking her own hair. We feel like it aligns with new Editor-in-Chief’s goal to make a statement with each issue. Using Eva Mendes for the American Style Issue was pure genius.

A little says a lot

We think Kerry is strikingly beautiful. It was refreshing to see her with a natural face of make-up. The make-up is bright and light and very reflective of the upcoming season. It paid homage to the everyday “face”  that most women wear.

Overall it just says a lot that we live in a culture that tells us to celebrate our natural beauty and the moment a cover surfaces that does just that we have nothing but negative things to say. The world knows how beautiful this woman is. Give her the chance to show different sides of her beauty.


Kat Von D Lipstick Taken Off Sephora Shelves

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kat voncelebutard

Kat Von D is known for her quirky lipstick names for her line of lipstick, which is carried at Sephora. However her latest lipstick has not been received well and has resulted in Sephora taking the shade off their shelves and Web site. The new shade, which is a peachy nude shade, was named “Celebutard.”

Parents of children with developmental issues took offense to the name of the new shade. Reportedly stating that they found name insulting and offensive.

“People with disabilities are the last to benefit from what some might call ‘political correctness,’ and what I would call basic human decency,” says Kim Stagliano, managing editor at Age of Autism, in the HuffPost Style blog. “Retard is still bandied about.”

Sephora pulled the shade from shelves and its website and issued a statement of apology as well:

“It has come to our attention that the name of one shade of a lipstick we carry has caused offense to some of our clients and others. We are deeply sorry for that, and we have ceased sale of that shade both in our stores and online.”

That inked beauty went on to tweet her thoughts:

“At the end of the day, it’s just a f—— lipstick,” she later deleted the tweet.

What are your thoughts was the name a bad choice on Kat Von D’s part?

Friday Faves The Perfect Package

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With the success of such companies like JustFab (the editor-in-chief’s poison) and Shoedazzle,  fashion and beauty lovers are enjoying the emergence of subscription- based shopping services. Who doesn’t love a monthly package filled with goodies. Here is a super quick list of the subscription services that have our attention.

This new addition to the subscription market appeals to our new year’s intentions to reinvent ourselves and live a healthier lifestyle,

Snack Appétit Plus $18 a month

 monthly subscription plan where you can receive not only  healthy snacks but flavorful as well not to mention the special bonus of personal care products that will make you look as good as you feel. We are pretty interested in this. 





Birchbox Vs. Ipsy ($10 a month)

The buzz surrounding Birchbox and Ipsy is impossible to ignore. Women live for samples and both subscription services offer that and more. If you have not subscribed to either, the main differences we have heard from our readers is that Ipsy often includes one full-size product in their packages, which come in cute make-up bags, while the inclusion of a full-size product with Birchbox is not very common. Another difference we hear about with Birchbox is that their packages offer more body care related products, while Ipsy offers more make-up related products. We know a lot of women who have subscriptions to both. Comment and let us know your thoughts.

C&I Next Door Grand Opening

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C&I Studios is expanding and rapidly becoming an oasis of creativity with their latest venture that brings killer cappuccinos, art, music and photoshoots to one location. The multimedia agency owner, Joshua Miller discussed how important he felt it was for the Fat Village to have a place that promotes community and creativity.

“I wanted to have something with character that the community could use,” Miller said during an exclusive sneak peek of “Next Door.”

There are unique touches everywhere. The decor consists of piece found in D.C., NYC, and L.A.  Hightop wooden tables, tree lights, street art, warm colors and an extensive library of books create a cozy atmosphere that is easy to cozy up to.

During November, “Next Door” will provide free studio rental space, and then rental fees begin at $50 per an hour. The grand opening is Friday night November 8th at 8 p.m. Make sure you check it out if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area.


541 NW 1st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kanye Wears a Confederate Flag to Barneys

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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - November 04, 2013

Photo from The Cut

Known for always making a statement, Kanye West has been making a conscious effort to reshape the meaning behind the Confederate flag. Known primarily as a symbol for white supremacy. Recently the rapper decided to pay a visit to Barney’s which has been in hot water recently for racial profiling. The rapper commented on his recent fashion choice to L.A.’s 97.1 AMP

“React how you want … Any energy is good energy. You know the Confederate flag represented slavery in a way – that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made the song “New Slaves.” So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag. Now what are you going to do?”

West later offered his opinion on the now well-known incident at Barney’s that involved a college student on work study being arrested and racially profiled after his purchase at Barney’s. The rapper shared his views at his concert in Las Vegas.
“Don’t touch anything in the store. Excuse me, that’s that “Can I help you, sir?” That’s that racial profiling out in front of Barneys and sh-t. Talking about, “Did you steal that?”


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Himmarshee Public House does not disappoint with their inviting, comforting cuisine and decor.  Wrap-around booths, tall tables and marquee lights create the perfect portrait of a vibrant downtown evening and interestingly makes the marriage of comfort food in the big city a happy pairing. In so many ways, it is easy to feel like you have been provided with your own personal treasure in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Considering that South Florida is seeing a resurgence in Southern comfort food,  taking on a popular sect of cuisine requires a substantial amount of creativity and a lofty knowledge of flavor to be able to make a dish uniquely signature.

Himmarshee Public House seems to have the formula right. The new restaurant offers a bevy of choices that are sure appease the palate of any restauranteur, from the patron looking for an inviting atmosphere to watch a game for the evening,while hanging out with friends, to the avid local foodie.  Public House offers the typical ingredients needed to conjure the perfect meal with unique touches that make the dishes uniquely their own. If the spicy lamb ribs ($12) don’t catch your eye, then the lobster nachos, served with guacamole, jack cheese, habanero-mango salsa and cilantro, ($14) are sure to merit a second glance. Check out a few of our favorite dishes. The restaurant will be open to the public on Friday November 8th. We are happy to report that the restaurant is indeed Worthy Approved.


Bacon and corn fritters with bourbon-maple syrup and bacon aioli are enchantingly delicious


Lobster Nachos




Spicy Lamb Ribs abita “root beer” glaze, toasted sesame, scallion ($12)



Candied bacon duroc pork belly, house-cured, candied pecans, bourbon maple syrup ($9).


Street Tacos Chicken
roasted corn and black bean salsa, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, jalapeno lime crema


Buffalo Beu Cheese Dip
Pulled chicken, stilton bleu cheese, colby jack, house made chips

The Himmarshee Public House is located at 201 SW Second St. in Fort Lauderdale. The restaurant is poised to open to the public this Friday, November 8th.