Three Reasons We Love Kerry Washington On Lucky

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We have noticed that people have had a lot to say about Kerry Washington’s latest cover. While the general consensus is that this is not her strongest cover, we love the statement that the cover makes and that alone makes it beautiful to us.  So we compiled three reasons as to why the public should not be so quick as to file this cover away in the “hated it” category.

It’s Different

Most covers and editorials capture just the beauty of Kerry. We have to applaud Lucky for capturing her quirky, vibrant and equally beautiful personality. We seldom see too many editorials that don’t photograph as her the elegant sex kitten. We love Kerry and Lucky for giving us something fresh.

Natural Beauty

Kerry is holding down the cover with what appears to be her own hair with no help from long, curled and tousled tresses. Most cover girls of all ethnic backgrounds have a little help from extensions. It says a lot about the actress’s natural beauty to be on the cover of a magazine rocking her own hair. We feel like it aligns with new Editor-in-Chief’s goal to make a statement with each issue. Using Eva Mendes for the American Style Issue was pure genius.

A little says a lot

We think Kerry is strikingly beautiful. It was refreshing to see her with a natural face of make-up. The make-up is bright and light and very reflective of the upcoming season. It paid homage to the everyday “face”  that most women wear.

Overall it just says a lot that we live in a culture that tells us to celebrate our natural beauty and the moment a cover surfaces that does just that we have nothing but negative things to say. The world knows how beautiful this woman is. Give her the chance to show different sides of her beauty.


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