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With the success of such companies like JustFab (the editor-in-chief’s poison) and Shoedazzle,  fashion and beauty lovers are enjoying the emergence of subscription- based shopping services. Who doesn’t love a monthly package filled with goodies. Here is a super quick list of the subscription services that have our attention.

This new addition to the subscription market appeals to our new year’s intentions to reinvent ourselves and live a healthier lifestyle,

Snack Appétit Plus $18 a month

 monthly subscription plan where you can receive not only  healthy snacks but flavorful as well not to mention the special bonus of personal care products that will make you look as good as you feel. We are pretty interested in this. 





Birchbox Vs. Ipsy ($10 a month)

The buzz surrounding Birchbox and Ipsy is impossible to ignore. Women live for samples and both subscription services offer that and more. If you have not subscribed to either, the main differences we have heard from our readers is that Ipsy often includes one full-size product in their packages, which come in cute make-up bags, while the inclusion of a full-size product with Birchbox is not very common. Another difference we hear about with Birchbox is that their packages offer more body care related products, while Ipsy offers more make-up related products. We know a lot of women who have subscriptions to both. Comment and let us know your thoughts.

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