Social Media: Quality over Quantity


Many believe that the way to make an impact with social media is by having the greatest number of followers; but if your followers are not interested in your blog, your website, or your business, then what good are they? More success will be evident when you focus on the quality of your friends and followers, rather than the volume.

The people who you associate with make an impression on your overall reputation and appearance. If you are following several writers on Twitter and LinkedIn, you likely have a serious interest in writing, and the same is true for any career path or interest.

However, if you are following the people who have “I follow back” or “want more followers?” in their profile bio, then the credibility for your own Twitter is significantly reduced for those who are serious about networking.

When used strategically, social networking can be very valuable for entrepreneurs, job seekers, or hobbyists. It is like word of mouth–which many of us know to be the most effective form of advertising–only it’s easier, more effective, and more powerful.

Enjoy your time on the Internet and make it meaningful. Do not follow people just to hope that they follow you back, and do not go out there looking for a greater number of followers or connections. Obtain quality contacts who give great recommendations, have similar interests, and care about what you have to offer. Don’t just get followers, get networks.

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