Always Rock Your Confident Shoes


Shoes are the staple of your outfit. They have the incredible ability to transform any look, and the right pair breeds confidence because you know you’re looking good when you strut around at your favorite event. You’re rocking those bad boys (or girls) and you know it. People are eying your swag, and you just can’t get enough.

Maybe you love those sneaks that you’ve been parading in since freshman year, or maybe you get a new pair of five inch heels every few months (or weeks), or maybe you just have to have those epic flats that remind you of Disney princesses. Whatever shoe you choose, it’s a shoe that brings you confidence and one that truly represents yourself.

The exact same outfit can be completely changed with the right shoes, allowing you to flaunt your varying moods whenever you so choose–professional, casual, or fashionista-to-the-max. If you’re going out after work with the girls or out on a date with your latest flame or longtime boo, swap out your pointed-toe black three inch heels for some studded red pumps or a pair of leopard-print flats, and viola, you’ve transformed yourself from successful business woman to drop dead gorgeous trendsetter.

Whether you are the sneakers type, the stilettos type, or even the type who doesn’t pay attention to what shoes you wear, know and realize that you are one with your shoes and that great shoes can significantly boost your confidence. Shoes are the most important element of any outfit and they can change your ensemble from cool and casual to eccentric and high fashion or anything in between.

Ultimately, your favorite pair of shoes will radiate your innermost personality, so choose instinctively.

These Alessia Solari sandals make us feel like we can take on the world! Which shoes make you feel confident?

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