THE NEW GOLD STANDARD: New iPhones Make Their Debut


The titan of tech, Apple Computers has revealed the latest iteration of it’s flagship iPhone brand. The new phones may be a merely incremental innovation in the series but it will likely be a smashing success. Apple began it’s trade show with a “Colorful” line of cheaper versions of the iPhone. The IPhone 5C–comes in White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Peach and Green, PLASTIC CASES. Apple, which is known for the Luxe feel of it’s glass covered phones has thus far eschewed Plastic as a construction material. This demand for luxury increased the price of iPhones, making them less affordable for the mass audience. The new plastic phones will have an entry price of $99 dollars for the 16 gigabit model and $199 for the 32gig model. Both prices are ofcourse-with a 2 year contract. The colorful presentation also meets a growing demand for personalization among iPhone users, as Nokia Windows phone and Android Phones have grown in appeal by offering colorful variants.

The crowning glory of the New iPhone line was displayed on “The Gold Standard”—a new metallic Gold Version of it’s phone (which also comes in Slate, Gold and Silver). The revolution in the new IPHONE 5S, was in Apple’s decision to kill the SWIPE TO UNLOCK feature for phones. Apple set the standard in swiping to unlock the home screen of phones. This often copied feature will be replaced on iPhones with “TOUCH-ID”–a finger print reader, built into the home button of Apple’s phone. Your fingerprints will now be used for App Authentication of Purchases and for security on your phones. “Passwords Are Cumbersome” became the phrase of the evening as Apple, once again outpaced it’s competitors. Critics will note that the Fingerprint technology is not new but Apple advocates will retort that neither was the concept of the MP3 player or the Smartphone. The brilliance of Apple has always been in refining existing technologies and executing them with unmatched style. With it’s 360 degree, 500 Pixel-sub epidermal imaging scanner built into the home button, Apple executes the existing technology with more precision than any other, to ensure a smooth and flashy experience.

The potential for App Purchasing, website portals and the elimination of admittedly frustrating passwords is likely enough to silent Apple critics and satisfy Apple Fanboys. The company also touted upgrades to it’s camera, allowing for 10 fps burst mode picture taking, 120 fps slow mode pictures and 28 Mega pixel panoramics-which nearly matche standard DSLR cameras.

The company also showed off it’s new IOS 7 operating system. The new operating system gives the iPhone an entirely new look and feel. Some might say, it gives the iPhone a “Windows like” style with it’s flat fonts and more muted color pallet. The complete redesign of the iPhone’s look, feel and operating system was precipitated by complaints from iPhone users that have grown weary and bored with the seemingly static look of their phones. Some have begun to migrate to Android, and Windows phones. When combined with the new colorful cases of the iPhone 5C , Nokia/Windows fans are pointing out the similarities between their old phones and the new style of Apple’s iPhone. Nokia reps even tweeted that “Imitation Is The Best Form of Flattery. Thanks Apple :)”

Whether Apple has taken a step towards the look of Windows/Android is largely irrelevant in a mobile market that routinely copies features among competitors.

The New iPhones are not revolutionary but they will certainly be enough to keep sales strong. Lines have been reported forming at Apple Stores already!

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