Style for men is often a complicated affair. The opportunity to distinguish oneself- is an unfortunate rarity in men’s fashion. In the drab sea of pin stripes and muted colors, Embellishment is often regarded as a feminine feature. “Fun” in men’s style and the ability to make personal statements in menswear is so rare that WE- as men- must seize upon creative opportunities for self expression.

Dapper men everywhere have recently rediscovered a long established but rarely used staple in mens style; The Eldredge Knot. This rare style of tying ones tie manages to make a masculine but noticeable statement. Men are once again accentuating their wardrobes, by adding this staple to their arsenals of accoutrements. The Eldredge Knot is an emerging trend that most men are reserving for spectacular and special occasions like weddings. We, however think that this knot can and should be used to shut it down at a wider variety of engagements. We’ve posted a detailed how-to- for men (courtesy of, a company that enables you to purchase killer ties while making a charitable difference ) that want to distinguish themselves with a unique look that destroys the competition.


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