CeCe Frey Performs At SoLita Italian Restaurant In Delray

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Photo credit: Andrew Kutno

Photo Credit: Andrew Kutno

The Velvet Room at SoLita Italian Restaurant in Delray Beach continued to provide a steady rhythmic pulse to the heart of downtown Delray nightlife with an exclusive performance from X Factor contestant, CeCe Frey, Friday night. The blonde songstress took to the intimate stage of The Velvet Room to perform a total of four cover songs. Sporting her signature leopard print on the side of her face and a sultry long black maxi skirt and midriff top from Nasty Gal, Frey wowed the crowd with her raw talent. We were happy to catch up with the artist after her show-stopping performance that wowed the audience and owners of SoLita.

“She actually did the first part of the first song she performed a cappella ,” Stephen Dapuzzo, owner of SoLita said.  “It was amazing. I was very happy with the performance and I think the crowd was as well.”

Photo Credit: Ju'lia Samuels

The recently added Velvet Room proved to be the perfect venue for an intimate performance, which is exactly what Dapuzzo was hoping for.

“Our goal is to give the audience a unique experience when they see performances in the Velvet Room,” Dapuzzo said. “We want it to feel a little different from a concert. I think the intimate setting allows you to see a different side of the artist.”

Susan Dapuzzo and CeCe Frey at SoLita Italian Restaurant_ The Velvet Room Photo credit: Andre Kutno

Stephen Dapuzzo owner of SoLita Italian Restaurant_The Velvet Room and CeCe Frey Photo credit: Andrew Kutno

CeCe about her signature look

We were happy to see the singer with her signature leopard print make-up and we were equally as eager to hear about the origins of her signature aesthetic. Frey told Worthy Magazine that the signature leopard print that we know and love was actually something she incorporated while she was a member of a music group.

“It was a Hip-Hop group,” Frey said. “We sang and rapped and we had one song called “Animals” that we use to perform. That is how I got the idea for the leopard print. I actually did a lot of debating about wearing it for my audition for X Factor because it was going to be a new chapter in my life.”

Needless to say, we are happy that she did. It was one of the many things that made Frey stand out.

CeCe on her signature sound

While Frey has built a massive following just from musical covers of chart-topping hits, fans are anxiously awaiting her first single and album.

” I am working on that now,” Frey said. “I go to the studio three-to-four times a week.” However, when it cam discussing the details of her signature sound, the singer was a little shy.

“I think people heard me do so many different genres that it leaves a lot of room for creativity so I don’t want to give it all away- just yet,” Frey said. “But people can still expect the same ‘CeCe’ edge and sass.”

How many of you are as excited as we are?


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