State Of The Union Address 2013: The Way Forward


In a booming and at times contentious address the President delivered the first State of the Union Address of his second term. The speech was at times poetic but it was also workman-like and policy oriented. The President delivered several new ideas that deserve highlighting.


The President proposed the creation of new manufacturing hubs that capitalize on new technologies such as 3D Printing. These technologies are making it easier and cheaper to build and operate manufacturing factories in the United States. The President specifically noted that Apple is manufacturing it’s computers in the U.S, once again. The Manufacturing hubs are intended to revive manufacturing by educating workers in high-tech constructions for the creation of new jobs. We love this idea-and we will bring you more info on the rise of the-do it yourself-manufacturing (DIY) the President highlighted.


The President’s manufacturing initiative marries well with his desire to improve the quality and kind of education we are providing young students-especially those that don’t attend college. The President stated his belief that High-school grads need to be able to gain employment in jobs that pay a livable wage. But in a dynamic and tech driven world this means that High-school grads need to be prepared for the high tech jbs that need to be filled. This means high schools need to be in close cooperative initiatives with the industries and community colleges in their communities. The President wants high schools to model themselves after educational initiatives in countries like Germany, in which young people graduate prepared to tackle technical and manufacturing jobs. He says that High-school students should graduate with the equivalent of a High-school diploma and an Associates Degree.


Lastly, the President also advocated that the federal government work with states to create Nationwide Pre-school. He noted that the sooner children can receive a substantial education the brighter their futures will be.


If the President’s initiatives are in acted we can only hope that they would work well together to create an educated and more prosperous citizenry. 

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