Stacey Dash is Normal. This is not a declarative sentence. It is the title of the famous starlets new Series. Stacey Dash is Normal is the creative vision of the embattled starlet. Ms. Dash has raised the ire of many in the entertainment industry with her unpredictable and odd antics. Her abrupt departure from the wildly successful VH1 franchise, Single Ladies, was inexplicable. The decision to leave was then followed by a very vocal endorsement of Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. The world seemed at a loss to explain Stacey Dash-and this seems to be the inspiration behind the title of “Stacey Dash is Normal”. The series looks raw, gritty-a pure product of the kind of innovation that the internet is fostering. It is unclear if the project will be released on the internet as a web series or is being pitched for TV. Despite it’s title, Stacey Dash is depicted as anything but normal. The show seems to be a riotously funny and self deprecating series. Dash is wild, unpredictable and totally unhinged-atleast in the released promos. We think the project looks promising. Decide for yourself

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