After a philosophical Twitter-bate ensued between America’s Most Famous Mayor, Cory Booker and a self described “Army wife”, Cory Booker announced he would be living on FoodStamps, after ThanksGiving. A Twitter follower of Mayor Booker accused him of wanting to redistribute wealth, when he suggested that it was important to make sure that children received proper nourishment at school. @MWadeNC disagreed with the mayor and argued that it isn’t the government’s responsibility to nourish children. She then added that the children should already be properly nourished with the help of food-stamps. The Mayor then suggested that the two live on foodstamps-presumably to challenge her notions of the provisions supplied by food stamps. While the Mayor seems to be enthusiastic about the exercise, the details of the “army wife’s” participation have yet to be finalized. If she participates in the Foodstamp Fast, She may  learn about the insufficiency of the food stamp system.

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