BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Give Thanks, Then Shop!


Are you willing to go shopping on ThanksGiving? The nation’s biggest retailers are confident that consumers cannot wait to begin their Christmas shopping. Some companies like Walmart and Target have come under fire for forcing their employees to work on the vaunted holiday. They are offering customers incredible bargains as incentives to encourage spending. Best Buy and Target seem to be leading the way with the deepest discounts. Best Buy is offering a 40 Inch Television, for $179 from an original price of $348.91. Popular video game titles are similarly slashed in prices. Target has knocked over $100 off of the price of it’s XBox Kinect bundle, bringing the cost down to $199. The discounts are even offered by clothing retailers. Old Navy is offering all of its adult jeans for $15. Gap has cut the prices on some inventory by 60%. Shoppers that are looking for deals on items ranging from power tools at Lowes to Nook e-readers from Barnes and Noble ($39.99) are available to shoppers willing to abandon their dinner tables and head to the stores.



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