If you have ever dawned a sleek and sexy bathing suite at the beach or at the side of a pool, then your life has been influenced by fashion legend, Leah Gottlieb. The Israeli designer was the heroin that injected glamour into once mundane and modest bathing suites. She designed over 300 suites that were coveted by royalty, celebrities and fashion aficionados alike. Gottex Swim-suites (Gottlieb Textiles for short) were sold in Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. Stores from Paris to Dallas carried her creations. At the age of 94, Mrs. Gottlieb passed away, as we all wish we could, leaving the world much more beautiful then she found it!



After a philosophical Twitter-bate ensued between America’s Most Famous Mayor, Cory Booker and a self described “Army wife”, Cory Booker announced he would be living on FoodStamps, after ThanksGiving. A Twitter follower of Mayor Booker accused him of wanting to redistribute wealth, when he suggested that it was important to make sure that children received proper nourishment at school. @MWadeNC disagreed with the mayor and argued that it isn’t the government’s responsibility to nourish children. She then added that the children should already be properly nourished with the help of food-stamps. The Mayor then suggested that the two live on foodstamps-presumably to challenge her notions of the provisions supplied by food stamps. While the Mayor seems to be enthusiastic about the exercise, the details of the “army wife’s” participation have yet to be finalized. If she participates in the Foodstamp Fast, She may  learn about the insufficiency of the food stamp system.

BIRDMAN GIVES-For ThanksGiving


Birdman and Slim stopped by the A.L. Davis Park Charity, delivering Turkey’s and large packages of additional side items for a New Orleans Community in Need. Birdman is well known for his bling but Worthy Magazine is Thankful for his giving! This holiday in particular is extremely stressful for hardworking families that cannot afford the expensive customary dishes that are requisite for an appropriate celebration of ThanksGiving. The Turkeys, and Tea that Birdman just delivered will make their Holiday much brighter!

IS LIFE OF PI The Movie of The Year?


Life of Pi, is essentially the story of a young boy, ship wrecked and then forced to share a small boat at sea with a wild Bengal Tiger-named Richard Parker. The journey he embarks on is as spiritual as it is physical. The film is based on the best selling book of the same title, written by Yann Martel. The movie is a rarity, for a host of reasons. The first is that it showcases the talent of a young, Indian lead named, Suraj Sharma. The first time motion picture star has never starred in film (or anything else) but may just carry the life of Pi to a Best Picture award. The Life of Pi is garnering universal praise as one of the year’s most gorgeous films. One look at the movie’s trailer and it becomes obvious that The Life of Pi is very different from most films. In a film landscape littered with trite rehashings Pi offers movie-goers a tale of uncommon quality. While the films stunning visuals are sure to captivate, Pi is garnering praise as a character driven epic, which sets it apart in a “Hollywood” that often eschews character development. According to the L.A. Times:

“While we witness much on screen, the film rests on what Pi is feeling — his doubts, his fears, his faith. That we feel so keenly what Pi feels is a credit to Sharma in his first, and hopefully not his last time on screen, his eyes as endless as that night sky.”

The Times calls the film, “A Masterpiece”. The ReporterHerald.com says, of Pi, “You Have To see It To Believe It”. They begin their review saying ” Oh the 3-D wonders to behold in Ang Lee’s staggeringly gorgeous “Life of Pi”. “It sets a New Standard In 3D”.

Will Life of Pi win the Best Picture Award? Check out the trailer and then GO SEE THE MOVIE!

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Give Thanks, Then Shop!


Are you willing to go shopping on ThanksGiving? The nation’s biggest retailers are confident that consumers cannot wait to begin their Christmas shopping. Some companies like Walmart and Target have come under fire for forcing their employees to work on the vaunted holiday. They are offering customers incredible bargains as incentives to encourage spending. Best Buy and Target seem to be leading the way with the deepest discounts. Best Buy is offering a 40 Inch Television, for $179 from an original price of $348.91. Popular video game titles are similarly slashed in prices. Target has knocked over $100 off of the price of it’s XBox Kinect bundle, bringing the cost down to $199. The discounts are even offered by clothing retailers. Old Navy is offering all of its adult jeans for $15. Gap has cut the prices on some inventory by 60%. Shoppers that are looking for deals on items ranging from power tools at Lowes to Nook e-readers from Barnes and Noble ($39.99) are available to shoppers willing to abandon their dinner tables and head to the stores.